{cover reveal} Vertical Lines (The Vert Series #1) by Kristen Kehoe

Today’s cover reveal is for a new favorite author of mine,

Kristen Kehoe

and her upcoming book

Vertical Lines

releasing December 11, 2015

She writes deeply emotional characters, full of brooding goodness.
(check out my review for Light of Day)

About Vertical Lines…
when Kristen told me this I knew I HAD to read it:

First in the series-an artist and a smart girl.
A staid family and a broken one.
She’s adorably literal and he’s all big and quietly emotional.

She had me at big and quietly emotional. GAH.

Add it to your TBR today!
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vertical lines

All I have to say is: #BeardsFTW

From Kristen’s blog…..

Originally THE GAUNT LIFE, this story had to be written. LIFE INTERRUPTED was the book I wrote and thought “I’ll never feel for another character what I feel for Rachel.” She was fearless and determined and strong (and so tall). While there is still some truth to this statement, I have now written Jordana and Brooklyn, and done something I swore I would never do: I gave a very real part of myself to a character.

Body dysmorphic disorder was not something I understood growing up–I didn’t know where my need to change myself came from, only that it was constant. I starved, I ran, I threw up–more than those struggles, though, was the struggle I went through every day to look at myself.

Ashton Novak is a minor character–I could not get inside of her head far enough to give her the entire story. But when she appeared, sister to the hero, and her disease came to light… I was devastated. And purged. Her case of BDD is extreme, something I saw but never truly suffered from. I lost hair, I lost friends and confidence, and I lost some time–this girl, though, she lost it all. Ashton is everything I felt, everything I feared, from her compulsions to her insecurities. The only difference is that I had a strong mother and two strong sisters, all of whom I did not want to let down. So I stood up. Even on days when I couldn’t handle standing in front of the mirror, I stood up. And then they held me up, so today I could give you the beginning of Brooklyn and Jordana…

This is their story… but I  have to pay homage to Ashton, minor as she may be, and acknowledge the high school self I never quite let live.

In honor of Thanksgiving, look back and be grateful, for who you were, who you are, and who’s always been beside you. Happy Friday, y’all. Can’t wait for you to meet Brooklyn and Jordana on December 11 <3

About the Author: Kristen Kehoe

I started writing a long, long time ago. As with everything in life, it took me a while to figure out what genre I wanted to participate in. I write what many would commonly refer to as contemporary romance. I just call it life.

Although I began with the young adult when I published my first novel, FINDING YOU, I quickly progressed to what I consider mature young adult with BEYOND THE HORIZON 1 and LIFE INTERRUPTED. THE LIGHT OF DAY (BTH 2) is new adult and soon to be published TRIPP (the LIFE series 2) will be mature young adult. I write for my characters. I write them because they are people I see and feel and hear and I have a need to put them on paper.

When I’m not writing for a character, I’m blogging about mommyhood, teacherhood, life, or just being a girl. Join my conversation sometime because I LOVE sharing with people.

For updates, sneak peaks, and other info, visit my Facebook page. For fun pics of my daughter, dog, or anything else that hits my fancy, visit me on Instagram. For wierd retweets and conversations, there’s always Twitter.

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Cover Reveal and Excerpt – Royal Marriage Market by Heather Lyons

We are absolutely thrilled to bring you
the Cover Reveal for


Releasing December 15, 2015,
standalone contemporary romance.

Be sure you preorder your copy today!


Royal Marriage Market - cover

Cover created by Daniela Conde Padron at DCP Designs.


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“You go by Chris?”

“It’s an acceptable nickname for Christian.” The owner of the name snatches his glass of champagne back, chugging the rest of the drink. Naturally, this promptly sets off another round of coughing.

Parker is now the one to smack Christian’s back, and I am grateful because I most certainly do not need to be touching him again, even if in a life-saving gesture.

“Maybe so,” I murmur as Christian, rapidly turning redder from what surely must be embarrassment more than alcohol down the wrong pipe, shoves his friend’s hand away. “But it doesn’t fit.”

“If I might be so bold to ask, Your Highness, how so?” Parker inquires at the same time Christian wheezes, “What does that mean?”

I side skirt the men to claim a chocolate covered strawberry from the dessert table. “Chris is a boring name.”

“I believe you’ve just issued an unforgiveable insult to all the Chrises in the world,” Christian says flatly while Parker struggles to hold in his mirth.

“Of course I haven’t. I simply said Chris is a boring name. Look at Elsa; it is a hopelessly old-fashioned name you find in old women who bake streusel. My parents aged me the moment I came out of the womb.” I point the zebra-striped berry at my sparring partner. “Now that is unforgiveable. You were given a nice name and have elected to make it boring when it doesn’t suit you one bit.”

Too much silence expands between us; I am tricked into looking up at him once more. One of his dark eyebrows arches upward. “Are you saying you don’t find me boring?”

Did I? Oh, bollocks. I did, didn’t I? I clear my throat and smile winsomely. “Just because I don’t wish to marry you doesn’t mean I find you boring as a bag of rocks.”

Both of his eyebrows shoot up, as if I informed him grass is blue and sky is green. As if he doesn’t already know he’s interesting. Please. Must I remind him of all the glossies dedicated to his comings and goings?

“When we were children, His Highness was teased quite a bit about his name,” Parker tells me.

I toss the strawberry stem back onto the table; it’s whisked up by a passing waiter in less than a second. “What! Why?”

“I’m named after a religion,” Christian grinds out. “There was Prince Jew. Prince Muslim. Prince Buddhist. Prince Hindu. Prince Zoroastrian. There were lots of choices, you see.”

Another moment I want nothing more than to just laugh and laugh. “How delightful. Now, those nicknames aren’t boring. Sacrilegious, yes, but definitely not boring.”

“You have a seed in your front teeth,” is Christian’s response.

“You are a veritable Prince Charming, publically pointing out women’s flaws. How chivalrous of you.”

It is annoying how much I like that he refuses to appear properly chastised.

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Stacking the Shelves {107}


Welcome to Stacking The Shelves – hosted by Tynga over at Tynga’s Reviews!   Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, whether it be physical or virtual.  This means you can include books you buy in store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts, and of course e-Books! Below is all the pretty books  our awesome haul … [Continue reading & get hooked!]