Taking Control (Kerr Chronicles #2) by Jen Frederick

Taking ControlTitleTaking Control

SeriesKerr Chronicles

AuthorJen Frederick

Published:  September 2014

I thought I needed only one thing in my life–the money and power to crush one man. But the moment I laid eyes on Victoria Corielli, my thirst for revenge was replaced by my craving for her.

No rule would keep me away; no obstacle too large to overcome. Not her will, not our differing social positions, not my infamous past. When she lost everything, I helped her pick up the pieces. When she trusted me with everything, she sealed her fate.

I’ve convinced Victoria she can put her heart in my hands. Now I have to protect it–from her shady stepfather and my business rivals, from enemies known and hidden. I’ll do anything to keep her. And I might have to prove it, because now Victoria’s risking more than her heart to be with me; she’s risking her life.

***Note:  This book was provided to the Book Hookup by the author but that did not in any way influence this review!!

Celeste and Ana will put Taking Control on their 2nd shelf!

Celeste: 4 stars I love Mr. Kerr in Losing Control, so I was giddy to read the rest of his story with Victoria, and mostly from his POV. Ian and Victoria have declared their love as we begin this book, but now real life puts their love to the test to find out just how far they would each go for the other one. And it is far. ;)

The first half of the story is more on the romantic side while the second half is more on the suspenseful side. While I love my romances, I am almost going to be hypocritical here because it’s actually the sexual tension that I am addicted to…the chase..the angst. However, all that happened in book 1, so this was more about the steamy sex. While it was definitely hot, I probably liked the chase better than the actual sexy times, and there were a lot of sexy times. I know, I’m greedy and want everything!

2nd ShelfThe suspenseful part of the Taking Control took a direction I didn’t see coming. The story was woven well and kept me on the edge of my seat…and showed me that the love that these two have is pretty amazing, and the craziness of all the revenge really runs deep. There were also a lot of secondary characters…some good, some loyal, some not so good…but yet I felt like I got to be familiar with them all by the end.

Would I rec this? Yes! Even better now since you can read both books back to back since the story is over and you can bask in the glory that is Ian and Victoria’s love (smexy times). A great addition to your TBR.

Celeste [Continue reading & get hooked!]

Cover Reveal! Covertly Strong (The Strong Series #1) by N.A. Alcorn

Covertly Strong Banner

Coming Soon 9/29/14…

Covertly Strong

Book One in The Strong Series

By: N.A. Alcorn


Covertly Strong Cover Ebook


She can track down the world’s most dangerous drug lords, hack into any computer, and kill a man in fifteen different ways—but when she comes face-to-face with the only man who’s ever held her heart, it might be her most dangerous mission yet… Or is it?

Sloan Walker. Dr. Felicia Santora. Agent L-55.
Three very different personas, three very different names, but all have one thing in common. They’re all controlled, acted out, and lived by one woman.

Her past has been long forgotten. Ten years have gone by since someone remembered the girl she used to be. The young girl with the big-brown eyes and beautiful dreams of happiness, dreams of love. She now lives a clandestine life. A life filled with top-secret missions and covert assignments. Only a handful of people know the true nature of her job. Her safety is constantly being pushed towards the brink of life-threatening danger.

Then one day someone unexpectedly steps back into her life…

A man who once owned her mind, body, and soul.
A man who held her heart in the palm of his hand.

He remembers. He knows.

And this knowledge could threaten everything she’s worked so hard for. Nixon West is as intelligent as they come and his Navy SEAL training has made him one of the most dangerous weapons in the United States Military. The moment she reappeared into his life he promised himself that he wouldn’t let her go.

But the true question is…what extreme lengths will Nix go to for her?

She will soon face another mission.

And it will test everything.

Time never seems all that important until your life hangs in the balance.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock…

CS Teaser #1

N.A.’s Social Media

Facebook | Amazon | Twitter | Blog

Email: authornaalcorn@gmail.com

CS Teaser #4

About N.A.

I march to the beat of my drum. Can you hear that? That perpetual bang, bang, bang that’s continually drumming relentlessly inside of my head. Oh, that’s just me? Never mind then, carry on…

Beautiful words, lovely plot lines, and COFFEE…Three of my favorite things.

I savor the weird, embrace the pervy, and willingly open both arms to anything that will make me laugh.

My obsession is books. I like to read them, write them, and inhale them in any way my ravenous mind will allow.

I’m awkward and sarcastic and can’t take a proper selfie if my life depended on it.

I was once told by my high school English teacher that my colorful ability to state the obvious would be my biggest weakness. I thanked him and made it my life’s mission to make that my biggest strength.

At times, I’m bordering on obscene and have strongly considered tattooing the words Approach With Caution on some part of my body.

Procrastinator at heart who tries to tell herself that she’ll meet every deadline.

Tomorrow. I’ll finish it tomorrow, I swear.

Sneak Peek: I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

Upon receiving my ARC of I’ll Give You the Sun, the Penguin representative asked that we share a sampler from the first chapter. You can find a partial peek below, but for the full chapter, go here to Mashable’s exclusive first look.

I'll Give You the Sun

Title: I’ll Give You the Sun

Author: Jandy Nelson

Expected Publication: September 16, 2014

Publisher: Dial Books for Young Readers

Pages: 384


♥ Excerpt ♥

The Invisible Museum

Noah, Age 13

This is how it all begins.

With Zephyr and Fry — reigning neighborhood sociopaths — torpedoing after me and the whole forest floor shaking under my feet as I blast through air, trees, this white-hot panic.

“You’re going over, you pussy!” Fry shouts.

Then Zephyr’s on me, has one, both of my arms behind my back, and Fry’s grabbed my sketchpad. I lunge for it but I’m arm-less, helpless. I try to wriggle out of Zephyr’s grasp. Can’t. Try to blink them into moths. No. They’re still themselves: fifteen-foot-tall, tenth-grade asshats who toss living, breathing thirteen-year-old people like me over cliffs for kicks.

Zephyr’s got me in a headlock from behind and his chest’s heaving into my back, my back into his chest. We’re swimming in sweat. Fry starts leafing through the pad. “Whatcha been drawing, Bubble?” I imagine him getting run over by a truck. He holds up a page of sketches. “Zeph, look at all these naked dudes.”

The blood in my body stops moving.

“They’re not dudes. They’re David,” I get out, praying I won’t sound like a gerbil, praying he won’t turn to later drawings in the pad, drawings done today, when I was spying, drawings of them, rising out of the water, with their surfboards under arm, no wetsuits, no nothing, totally glistening, and, uh: holding hands. I might have taken some artistic license. So they’re going to think . . . They’re going to kill me even before they kill me is what they’re going to do. The world starts somersaulting. I fling words at Fry: “You know? Michelangelo? Ever heard of him?” I’m not going to act like me. Act tough and you are tough, as Dad has said and said and said — like I’m some kind of broken umbrella.

“Yeah, I’ve heard of him,” Fry says out of the big bulgy mouth that clumps with the rest of his big bulgy features under the world’s most massive forehead, making it very easy to mistake him for a hippopotamus. He rips the page out of the sketchpad. “Heard he was gay.”

He was — my mom wrote a whole book about it — not that Fry knows. He calls everyone gay when he’s not calling them homo and pussy. And me: homo and pussy and Bubble.

Zephyr laughs a dark demon laugh. It vibrates through me.

Fry holds up the next sketch. More David. The bottom half of him. A study in detail. I go cold.

They’re both laughing now. It’s echoing through the forest. It’s coming out of birds.

Again, I try to break free of the lock Zephyr has me in so I can snatch the pad out of Fry’s hands, but it only tightens Zephyr’s hold. Zephyr, who’s freaking Thor. One of his arms is choked around my neck, the other braced across my torso like a seat belt. He’s bare-chested, straight off the beach, and the heat of him is seeping through my T-shirt. His coconut suntan lotion’s filling my nose, my whole head — the strong smell of the ocean too, like he’s carrying it on his back . . . Zephyr dragging the tide along like a blanket behind him . . . That would be good, that would be it (Portrait: The Boy Who Walked Off with the Sea) — but not now, Noah, so not the time to mind-paint this cretin. I snap back, taste the salt on my lips, remind myself I’m about to die —

Zephyr’s long seaweedy hair is wet and dripping down my neck and shoulders. I notice we’re breathing in synch, heavy, bulky breaths. I try to unsynch with him. I try to unsynch with the law of gravity and float up. Can’t do either. Can’t do anything. The wind’s whipping pieces of my drawings—mostly family portraits now— out of Fry’s hands as he tears up one, then another. He rips one of Jude and me down the middle, cuts me right out of it.

I watch myself blow away.

I watch him getting closer and closer to the drawings that are going to get me murdered.

My pulse is thundering in my ears.

Then Zephyr says, “Don’t rip ’em up, Fry. His sister says he’s good.” Because he likes Jude? They mostly all do now because she can surf harder than any of them, likes to jump off cliffs, and isn’t afraid of anything, not even great white sharks or Dad. And because of her hair — I use up all my yellows drawing it. It’s hundreds of miles long and everyone in Northern California has to worry about getting tangled up in it, especially little kids and poodles and now asshat surfers.

There’s also the boobs, which arrived overnight delivery, I swear.

Unbelievably, Fry listens to Zephyr and drops the pad.

Jude peers up at me from it, sunny, knowing. Thank you, I tell her in my mind. She’s always rescuing me, which usually is embarrassing, but not now. That was righteous.

(Portrait, Self-Portrait: Twins: Noah Looking in a Mirror, Jude out of It)

“You know what we’re going to do to you, don’t you?” Zephyr rasps in my ear, back to the regularly scheduled homicidal programming. There’s too much of him on his breath. There’s too much of him on me.

“Please, you guys,” I beg.

“Please, you guys,” Fry mimics in a squeaky girly voice.

My stomach rolls. Devil’s Drop, the second-highest jump on the hill, which they aim to throw me over, has the name for a reason. Beneath it is a jagged gang of rocks and a wicked whirlpool that pulls your dead bones down to the underworld.

I try to break Zephyr’s hold again. And again. “Get his legs, Fry!”

♥ To read more from this sample chapter, check out Mashable’s exclusive look at the full first chapter here.

Author Bio: 

Jandy NelsonJandy Nelson received a BA from Cornell, an MFA from Brown in poetry, and another MFA from Vermont College in writing for children and young adults. A literary agent for many years, she is also a published poet. The Sky Is Everywhere is her first novel. Jandy lives in San Francisco.

For more on the author or her books, find her here:

Website  Twitter  Goodreads  Facebook

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It’s almost here! Taking Control by Jen Frederick…and a Release Giveaway – Tiffany & Co. Ring!


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