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We’re four avid and passionate readers spread out all over North America who share an obsession for reading. We’re “those people” who bring our books and e-readers with us everywhere we go. We stay up late reading for… just a few more minutes, and pay for it the next day. We not only love to read books, we love to talk about them as well.  What really compelled us to start the Book Hookup is the recent rush of amazing indie books that seem like undiscovered gems just waiting to be shared. Our mission is to bring focus to writers that might otherwise be overlooked. We hope our reviews will expose you to books that don’t bear a power-house publishers name but whole heartily deserve the same admiration.

We’ll discuss our favorite books, authors, quotes. We’ll give you recommendations and tell you the good, the bad, the in between and what to read next . We’ll have polls, reviews and a few surprises. We want you to talk to us too. Tell us what and who you love, what you can’t wait to read, and, yes, even what you flounced on. We love all kinds of books, both indie and mainstream, and all kinds of genres. Join us as we celebrate the world of books. We want to book hook you up.

Eat, Breathe, Read!

~Amy, Jag, Ana & Celeste

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mom to 2 girls, wife, huge dog lover, vegetarian, book lover...


  1. hellokittee says:

    Ohhhh this blog is so great! I can’t wait to read your reviews and rec’s!

  2. I’m looking forward to spending lots of time here and to having my to-read list grow even more out of control!! The site looks great already…congrats ladies!!! <3

  3. Ladies….I am beyond impressed!!! Congrats, it is fabulous!!

  4. Celeste says:

    Thanks so much! We can’t wait to discuss what you are reading too!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Just found out about your website from none other than Tyra Lyn! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TEMPUS!! I loved your review! I am an AVID reader.. and can’t wait to get opinions on more great books out there! I have read quite a few good books lately.. I can recommend them all.. but it will be hard to beat Tempus! Love the site!

    • Celeste says:

      thank you!! We’d love to hear all of your recs too! Agreed, Tempus is an amazing book. Please come back and visit :)

  6. Woohoo, this is so exciting. I always have a hard time making up my mind about what I should read next. I’m reading Divergent by Veronica Roth, right now and I love it. I’m afraid it might be over some time today though. I hate when good books have to end.

    Anyway. I’ll be back. (that’s not a threat, it’s a promise. ;-))

  7. Jennifer says:

    Have you read The Light of Asteria by Elizabeth Isascs??? I started at 7 last night and finished at 1 am.. I couldnt stop!! I LOVED this book!

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