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Lover of all things romantic...strangely attracted to fictional characters...slightly melodramatic... mildly addicted to chocolate...hopelessly attached to my kindle...probably reading right now....

All for This (Here and Now #3) by Lexi Ryan

Title:  All for This Series:  Here and Now Author: Lexi Ryan Published:  August 2014 What if you would never remember the day you made the most important decision of your life? That’s what they’re telling me about the day of my accident—the day I put on Max’s ring and chose him over Nate. I’m counting […]

The Space Between (Space #1) by Victoria H. Smith

Title:  The Space Between Series:  Space Author:  Victoria H. Smith Published:  March 2013 When Drake started the night at his father’s campaign fundraiser, he never imagined he’d end it being conned into buying drugs on the West Side. Losing high-stakes poker has its consequences, but he’d repeatedly face them just to hear Lacey Douglas sing. […]

This is Falling by Ginger Scott

Title:  This is Falling Author:  Ginger Scott Published:  August 2014 First, I had to remember how to breathe. Then, I had to learn how to survive. Two years, three months and sixteen days had passed since I was the Rowe Stanton from before, since tragedy stole my youth and my heart went along with it. […]

Fall to You (Here and Now #2) by Lexi Ryan

Title:  Fall to You Series:  Here and Now Author:  Lexi Ryan Published:  June 2014 Torn between two men… When I woke up after the accident, I couldn’t remember anything from the last year—including my relationship with Max Hallowell or anything about Nate Crane. Now my memories are returning, but instead of answering my questions, they’re […]

Taking Control (Kerr Chronicles #2) by Jen Frederick

Title:  Taking Control Series:  Kerr Chronicles Author:  Jen Frederick Published:  September 2014 I thought I needed only one thing in my life–the money and power to crush one man. But the moment I laid eyes on Victoria Corielli, my thirst for revenge was replaced by my craving for her. No rule would keep me away; […]

ARC Review – Broken (Redemption #1) by Lauren Layne

Title:  Broken Series:  Redemption Author:  Lauren Layne Published:  September 2014 When Olivia Middleton abandons the glamour of Park Avenue for a remote, coastal town in Maine, everyone assumes she’s being the kind do-gooder she’s always been. But Olivia has a secret: helping an injured war veteran reenter society isn’t about charity—it’s about penance. Only, Olivia’s […]

Nico (The Leaves #3) by J.B. Hartnett


Title:  Nico Series:  The Leaves Author:  J.B. Hartnett Published:  February 2014 When I was a boy, I met a girl. She didn’t know it then, but… She changed me. Now…..I am a man. A man who is broken by the stories of the women who come to me. They are my birds with broken wings. […]

Lost in Me (Here and Now #1) by Lexi Ryan

Title:  Lost in Me Series:  Here and Now Author:  Lexi Ryan Published:  April 2014 The last thing I remember is having drinks at Brady’s and trying to avoid eye-contact with my life-long crush—the gorgeous, unattainable Maximilian Hallowell. They tell me that was a year ago, but I have no memories of anything since then. What […]

Cover Reveal – The Collectors’ Society by Heather Lyons

Heather Lyons 3

We’re very excited to share with you the cover for… The Collector’s Society by Heather Lyons We think it’s gorgeous and can’t wait to read the book!! It’s going to be available in October so don’t forget to add it to your TBR!! About the Book: From the author of the Fate series and The […]

Fighting Fate (Granton University #1) by Linda Kage

Title:  Fighting Fate Series:  Granton University Author:  Linda Kage Published:  July 2013 Forgiving your brother’s murderer may be noble, but falling in love with him borders on betrayal. When Paige Zukowski enrolls at Granton University in honor of her dead brother, she has no idea fate will land her on the same campus with the […]

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