August 1, 2011

Title:Unwritten Rules
Author: M.A. Stacie
Published: Jan 27th, 2011
Publisher: TWCS – Publishing House
Pages: 256

Story Synopsis (From Cover): Elle is an energetic, independent woman with a successful business and new start in the big city. The bustling streets of New York are not what she expected, yet she finds the freedom exhilarating. One interaction at the mailboxes with her shy, strikingly handsome neighbor is all it takes to turn the strong- willed young woman into a bumbling mess.

Jonah Quinn is withdrawn for good reason; he harbors a dark secret. He lives his life in the shadows, playing his music in late night bars and hiding himself from everyone but Elle’s cat. His tattoos bear his pain while his music is his outlet, but it is his silence that keeps his shame at bay.

Can one night of passion between the two of them lead to more than casual glances exchanged at their mailboxes? Will Elle be strong enough to help Jonah with his personal demons. And will Jonah break his silence regarding a past that haunts him?

The Rules for this relationship are Unwritten. A story of longing, love, and forgiveness.

Unwritten Rules is going on my TOP shelf!

My Thoughts: After a couple of odd interactions and with only a few sparse words exchanged, Elle, a web designer, finds herself completely fascinated with a beautiful, elusive stranger she sees at the mailboxes in her apartment building everyday. She craves his presence, the possibility of hearing his voice… And when Jonah comes to her aid during a traumatic experience, an event finally giving the two reason to come together, Elle’s life as she knows it will never be the same.

Jonah Quinn is a complicated, damaged man that carries the weight of his dark past heavily upon his shoulders. Childhood choices he has made have left Jonah with undeserved, jaded views about what he does and doesn’t deserve in life.

The evolving relationship of Jonah and Ella takes you on an intense roller coaster ride of emotions, immediately pulling you in and leaving you gasping for more. The chemistry between the two is absolutely sizzling off the pages. The intimate scenes are so perfectly written (and smoking hot) without being overly too much.

Unwritten Rules is a well written story with excellent dialogue, filled to the brim with angst, love, passion and longing. This book was literally impossible to put down- I’ve flown through the story twice already and will definitely re-read for a third time in the near future.  Stacie incorporated some of my favorite things; Music, art and a beautiful, sexy, complex man complete with meaningful, crazy hot tattoos. Definitely a book you’ll stay up all night reading because it’s just that good. Loved it! 

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