August 5, 2011

Last Friday we started a new tradition…Book to Film Fridays!

As a reminder, Book to Film Fridays are your opportunity to tell us who you imagine would play a specific character if the book or series became a movie.  Of course, we’ll also be sharing our ideas and opinions too.  The purpose of all this…to have fun…and maybe to sway some Hollywood casting agents!!

Character: Jamie Alexander Malcolm McKenzie Fraser

Author: Diana Gabaldon

Series: Outlander

Ana:  Jamie is a charming, tall, long-haired highlander with a Scottish accent.   My perfect Jamie is Chris Hemsworth.  Let’s look at the evidence…Chris is tall (hello 6’3″), has been known to have long hair, has an accent (so it’s Australian, but he can do Scottish, I know he can) and just look at those eyes and that grin…undeniably melt-your-panties-off charming.

And, just in case you’re not convinced…I give you this!

Ya….case closed!

Tamie: Jamie is one of my favorite fantasy boyfriends. I’ve had a love affair with him for over a year now. I would love to see Gabriel Aubrey as Jamie on the big screen. I mean c’mon just look at him. He’s so Jamie that Jamie would approve.

Amy: Never in my life have I set eyes on a 6’4″ God-like Scotsman with flaming red hair and several years of Viking blood running through his veins… That being said, if I ever did catch a glimpse of Jamie Fraser in real life, spontaneous combustion would instantly occur.

*clears throat and stands up on soap box*

I introduce to you, 30 year old Nicholas “Nicky” Hayden, professional sexy as hell motorcycle racer. Nicky’s strong, well defined features and broad muscular frame, just scream resemblance to a younger JAMMF in my opinion.

Dinna fash yourself Sassenach… Omg! DED

Ok so he’s not an actor and he’s not Scottish (honestly who flippin’ cares! look at him! he can learn!) but that’s what acting classes and coaches are for right? Picture his hair longer, paired with a thick Scottish burr and a kilt, and Nicky Hayden has Jamie Fraser potential stamped all over him.


Jag: Oh Jamie Fraser from the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon *sigh* what can I say about him.  He’s strong, loyal, intelligent, sexy, funny and a little bit of a beast, he’s one of my all-time favourite male characters. RAWR!

Och Aye!

When I picture Jamie in my mind, I see him as tall, powerful, lean and a little bit dangerous.  I have to agree with Tamie, my ultimate Jamie Fraser is Gabriel Aubrey.

*cue the fromage*

*sigh*  Makes me wanna reread Outlander


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