Book to Film Friday: Gage Oliver and Logan Oliver

In case you forgot Book to Film Friday is where we pick a character and discuss who we visualize as the character, the actor or person that we would like to see in that role if the book ever became a film.  So come and join the fun and share with us your choice for today’s characters….cousins Gage and Logan Oliver.

Today’s Men: Gage and Logan Oliver
Author: Addison Moore
Series: Celestra

Here’s a description from Ethereal

Logan: It’s the blond that gets my attention. It feels as though the entire room has lost its light, harnessed its beauty and shifted its lust filled focus just on the the two of us. I bask in his perfection, straight Roman nose, sharp almond eyes, broad chest, wide shoulders.

Gage: …he has hair the color pitch. He has severe dimples on either side of his lips that ignite when he smiles. His eyes are the purest color blue I think I have ever seen-the color of a cobalt sea off in some unknowable part of the world.

Celeste: This is no easy task but I was up for it. Both of these men are supposed to be drop dead gorgeous, with Gage being dark haired and Logan lighter but I can’t stop thinking of Logan with dark hair. Imma try here. What do you think? Although I love Gage I’m team Logan for this series!!!

Gage Oliver: Jared Leto

Logan Oliver: Garrett Hedlund


Amy: So after ogling goggling men for hours the other night, I finally found my Gage and Logan. These guys are all kinds of sexy…. Don’t you agree? *winkwink* oh, and I’m #TeamGage all the way!!

Logan Oliver: Liam Hemsworth                  Gage Oliver: Channing Tatum



Tamie: This week’s assignment was not for amateurs, so it’s a good thing your Litbrarians are pro’s at scoping out hawt, sexy doods.  Both Gage and Logan are delectable, and after hours of drooling debate I have chosen Hayden Christensen for my Gage and Chace Crawford for my Logan. Enjoy!

Gage Oliver: Hayden Christensen                      Logan Oliver: Chace Crawford


Ana Again this was a tough one…I mean, looking at picture after picture of gorgeous men trying to pick just’s torture really!!  But, eventually I had to decide (it’s amazing how time flies when you’re googling men)…so here are my Gage & Logan. Enjoy!

GageGrey Damon

Grey Damon - GageGrey Damon - Gage

Logan:  Alex Pettyfer

Alex PettyferAlex Pettyfer


Jag: OMG, not gonna lie, this was a cake walk for me. Ya know why? Because from day one my Gage and my Logan have been embedded in my brain, mmmm firmly 😉 Oh yeah, this was easy. Oh and in case your wondering, I’m a Gage girl through and through RAWR!

My Gage is Kevin Segers *unf*

And my Logan is lol of course Max Irons. RAWR!

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29 responses to “Book to Film Friday: Gage Oliver and Logan Oliver

  1. melissa825

    This series is on my “NEED TO READ” list, and after seeing Channing Tatum – well it just got bumped to the top! Yea baby…

    • Amy

      He screamed Gage Oliver when I read the Celestra Series… You’ll have to let us know if you feel the same way once you’ve read it 🙂

  2. I’ve not read about these guys, but I just bought it on Kindle and will start it now. I think I’ll use Jared Leto and Hayden Christensen, one blond and one dark? They’ll do!! I hope. I kinda sorta have a crush on Hayden. or maybe on Anakin. Not sure which one.. LOL And I can’t use your pics as a guide here, cuz for SOME reason, they wont load on my piece of shit computer. Buuut, I know what jared and hayden look like, ‘s all gooood.

    Ah well. To the book I go! Or bed, but my iPad is coming with meh.

    If my BF ever break up with me, I think it’ll be because of the reading..

  3. OMG! You guys are awesome!!!! I’m in love with all the Oliver lookalikes!!!! I’m drooling here. So much fun!

    Just FYI, I sent book 4 to my editor today and I’m starting book 5 while I wait. I’ll be posting cover pics and titles soon and for sure I’ll be linking over to you guys because this is made of win!!!!!!!

    • Jen

      Cant wait. I had a recent 5 day Vaca and my friend suggested ur books. I bought a kindle and read the first three books with in the 5 days. im hooked!!! Thank you.

      Cant wait till book 4 is released. The ending of book three has me in suspense.

  4. I just recently found this series as I was experiencing Reader’s Block and fortunately “Suggestions for You” in Kindle found this one for me. I am already half way through book 2 and worried that book 4 has yet to come out cause then I will be waiting for it desperate for it to be finished. As for Logan and Gage casting… man that is a hard one. I am not familiar with Ana’s pics but the pics do Gage and Logan justice.

  5. Logan: Alex Pettyfer
    Gage: Kevin Segers
    mmmm..yes! those would be my picks!! i kept looking at the pictures of all the guys, and had to think back to the books, about how they both act, or how they are both described in the yup, those are the guys you should use!!!
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Amber

  6. Jen

    Hayden Christensen! Hayden Christensen!!!! Hayden Christensen!!!! What more can i say…. Perfect for Gage Oliver in every way. Someone needs to make that happen.

    Im still undecided about Logan. We need a blonde hottie with an older look about him.

  7. Lucy Heather

    I would love to see Channing Tatum as Gage and Alex Pettyfer as Logan. The guys are meant to look great, so there it is!

  8. kristina

    I don’t have any pictures but I think the kid who plays percy jackson would do a really good gage 😀

  9. kristina

    Ok freddie stroma as logan and logan lerman(the percy jackson kid) as gage. They just completely fit the looks!

  10. Sheene

    I have mixed feelings on Tatum. I really like him, but it seems too high profile of an actor. I am mixing two of the girls’ suggestions. I’m voting for Alex Pettyfer as Logan and Garrett Hedlund or Max Irons for Gage. At least from this “mock up.”

  11. Brandy

    Omg! Grey Damon or Channing for Gage. And im opting for a diffrent guy all together for Logan. Definitely Kellen Lutz he is perfect for Logan, his build alone is just like in the book. great football player build, and pluse when i saw him in the scene for The Legend of Hercules, getting out of the water. i was reading my book at the time looked up and it was like it sang to me. that is Logan Oliver. Drop Dead Gorgeous!!!!

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