August 27, 2011

Title: Forest of Adventures
Author: Katie M. John
Series: Knight Trilogy
Published: December 1, 2010
Publisher: Little Bird Publishing House

Publisher’s Synopsis:  For seventeen year old Mina Singer, falling in love with an Arthurian Knight on a white horse was never part of the plan – especially being that she’s an ordinary college girl living in the twenty first century.

As Mina finds herself catapulted into a land she believed only existed in the bedtime stories of her childhood, she soon discovers that Fairyland is not quite as innocent as she imagined. The question is…who will come out alive? Haunting, beautiful and sexy, The Forest of Adventures, is a dark romantic quest into the land of true and forbidden love.

Amy and Celeste put The Forest of Adventures between the 2nd and top shelf.

Thoughts: The Forest of Adventures is a romantic, often times poetic, beautifully told and perfectly descriptive story that weaves together the lives of modern day heroine, Mina Singer with the honorable, totally swoonworthy Arthurian knight, Blake Beldevier.
The storyline is adventurous, unique and fascinating. Mina, an easily relate-able character. She’s involved with the immediately loveable Sam, her boyfriend of over 2 years but has never really given her self over to their relationship for reasons she’s unsure of… until the day she meets Blake, her one and only true love. The only bit that seemed a bit far fetched was that Mina and Blake fell hopelessly in love within hours of meeting. After mentioning the unlikeliness of this to the author, she replied that she wrote it that way because she herself believes in love at first sight. A good answer. We can definitely live with that. However, once the love was declared, everything quickly fell back into place perfectly. Another point that baffles us is why Martha wants Mina to be with Sam so badly… We’re almost waiting for another storyline to emerge there.

Character development is one of the key elements that draws us into a book and we felt that the author did a brilliant job doing just that. We quickly became completely immersed in the magical, fantasy world that Katie so creatively constructed. This book was definitely a page turner and ended with a tearful, heartbreaking cliff hanger that will have you reeling for her next installment in the series. Such a great book! A definite must read.

Not only is this book $0.99 on Amazon, but the author Katie M. John is so accessible and responsive to her fans. All kinds of win!!

Book #2 of the Knight Trilogy:

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