September 1, 2011

Central &  Foretold
(Daughters of Saraqael #2&3)

Author: Raine Thomas

Series: Daughters of Saraqael Trilogy
Published: July 2011
Publisher:  Lambe Books

Ana’s Review: Don’t you love it when a series gets progressively better?  Ya, me too!  The first book captured my attention and the next two solidified this series as a favorite…let me tell you why….

Central:  Of all the sisters, Olivia is my favorite.  Her logical, inquisitive, quietly intelligent manner makes her a perfect hero.  She’s like the Clark Kent of the sisters…mild mannered, physically weaker…but, with training and her keen mind, she turns into Superman (well, maybe Wonder Woman).  The story picks up where we left off in the Estilorian plane as the sisters begin to learn more about who they are and what their futures might bring.  Olivia comes into her own in this book…embracing her special talents and opening up her heart to James, her Gloresti.  And, speaking of James, might I just say “sigh”!!  His job is to protect Olivia but his desire is to know her better, to understand her on a personal level and, ultimately, to be worthy of her. Perfect!  When Olivia comes face to face with the villain of the story, it’s her hard work, determination and connection with James and her family that make this story an exciting journey…one that will make you want to keep reading long after bedtime and, may or may not even manage to make you misty at times!  Loved it!

Foretold:  Skye is sassy, colorful and pure in thought and deed.  She is innocent yet completely bold.  She loves her family above herself and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep them safe. So, as the battle we’ve been waiting for (and dreading) since the first book draws ever nearer, Skye doesn’t hesitate to step forward to protect those she loves.  By the way, the battle we knew was coming, actually comes to be….that is, there is fighting and danger and all manner of adventure…nice!  I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Caleb.  Unlike Gabriel and James, he is unsure of his emotions and it takes a few close calls with the villain of the story to get him to admit his love for Skye.  But, once he does, it sizzles!!  This book is a really satisfying end to the trilogy…but it doesn’t stop me from wanting more!

I’m putting both of these books on my second shelf!

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