September 14, 2011

Title: Fated & With My Last Breath
(Bloodstone Saga #2&3)

Author: Courtney Cole

Series: The Bloodstone Saga

Published: 2011
Publisher: Lakehouse Press

Ana’s Review: 
From the moment I finished the first book, Every Last Kiss (see our review here), I wanted to dive back into Macy’s world.  The second and third books in the series took Macy (and me) on captivating new adventures filled with intrigue, excitement and romance!  These are the kind of books that make you push the page forward button on your kindle with gusto (several times) when you find yourself on the last page…even though you know you’re finished and there’s nothing more to be had!  They leave you hungry for more….

Fated:  This time Ms. Cole weaves Greek mythology into her story and does so in a way that maintains the integrity of the tales we’ve all heard and adds a freshness to them as well.  The characters are so well developed that the reader begins to understand their personalities and why they do the things they do.  Macy (or Harmonia as we know her in this story) continues to piece together parts of her own life, better understanding her own past, in this book.  These bits of insight allow her to begin to more clearly see what is true and what only appears to be true.

There are lots of plot twists and “say what” moments that keep you wanting to read more even if the clock says it’s 2am!  Just like Harmonia, you’re often left wondering who to trust and who is trying to pull the wool over your eyes because sinister plots abound!  There are Witches, Greek Gods, Warriors and Fates, each with their own agenda to follow, yet the story flows smoothly from one to the other.  The toughest part for the reader is keeping all of the names straight!  Of course, we also continue to learn more about the true meaning of soul mates in this book.  We understand further how Gavin (Cadmus in this book) and Harmonia’s lives are intertwined…and, to tell you the truth, it fills you with hope for the existence of true love. Sigh.

With My Last Breath:  Camelot…that is all I think I need to say!  How perfect is it that Harmonia is back in the time of knights in shining armor looking for a mystical sword to save Olympus and rescue her soul mate?  Magical!  Once again Ms. Cole gives the reader quite a ride.  There are twists and turns at every step and, even though I’ve come to expect them in this series, I find that I’m continuously surprised by the creativity.  And, speaking of creativity, the description of the environment, the clothing and even the smells is exquisite as always…putting the reader right in the thick of things!

Harmonia has quite a challenge on her hands in this book, she’s battling against time to set the world right and save the life of the one she loves.  As the “chosen one” she not only has her own future to think about but also the future of all of those around her.  Everything she does has repercussions and causes ripples in the world as we know it…such pressure!  It’s in this story that we truly see Harmonia’s bravery and tenacity.  Her anger towards the fates eggs her on but it’s her genuine concern for others that makes her a leader in the fight against them.  This story is a gem.  Each book in this series gets better and better and this third book is one that will keep you captivated from beginning till end!

The saddest part of this book for me was the page AFTER the last one….the one that told me I’d have to wait until January 2012 for the next installment!!!!

I’m putting Fated & With My Last Breath on my second shelf…and I can’t wait to read about Macy’s next adventure!

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