September 16, 2011

Book to Film Friday

Character: Zsadist
Author: JR Ward
Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood

So today we’d like to share with you the guy we’d select to portray the intense, dark, angry, gorgeous character of Zsadist if the book was adapted into film.

Ward’s description of Zsadist:

As I think about him, I picture his face and the scar that intersects it. I see his glossy all-black eyes. His skull trimmed hair. His pierced nipples. The tattooed blood slave bands around his throat and wrists… I can almost feel the anger and the erotic threat he throws off… God, it’s as if he’s known hell on earth and carries the place around with him.

We’d love to know… Who’s your Z? Ready.. Set.. Fantasize GO!


Amy: Wentworth Miller. That.Is.All. No really. Close your eyes and picture Zsadist in your mind… I’ll wait… *stares at Wentworth* Yeah, it’s him, right?


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