Title: My Sweet Saga
Author: Brett Sills
Published: September 27th, 2011
Publisher: Admiral J Press
Pages: 455

Story Synopsis: At nearly 30 years old, Brandon is barely able to make it through life, much less enjoy it. He is weeks away from what should be one of the happiest days of his life, his wedding day to his fiancée, Clarissa, but his attention is distracted when his estranged, erratic and oddly eccentric father suddenly reappears with a bizarre demand: to accompany him to Stockholm, Sweden, where they will meet a man who he claims will change their lives.

Desperate for even a brief escape from his reality, Brandon reluctantly goes with his father, ready for a disaster. But his life changes completely the moment his eyes meet the mysterious Swedish man’s daughter, Saga. On a cobblestone street in the middle of Stockholm, Brandon reawakens to life, though struggles to navigate the messy love triangle with Saga and his fiancée, which includes multiple arrests, hospital stays, terrorist bombs, acts of heroism and foolishness, family secrets and even a bit of public nudity.

I Give My Sweet Saga 5 Hotties!

My Thoughts: Brandon is an average guy with a less than average life. He’s struggling to accept what the future holds for him; a meaningless job, an upcoming marriage he’s not sure he wants and disapproving, impending in-laws that constantly remind him that he is not nor never will be good enough for their daughter.

As he attempts to focus on what should be the happiest time of his life, his marriage to Clarissa, Brandon’s extremely wealthy yet absent father suddenly reappears, insisting that Brandon accompany him on a spur of the moment trip to Sweden to meet a mysterious man that will supposedly change their lives forever. Although Brandon is reluctant, he gives into his father’s demand, prepares himself for the worst and goes to Stockholm. But things don’t go as badly as he anticipated… actually, it’s quite the opposite. Brandon meets Saga. A beautiful, Swedish woman (obviously not his intended bride) that steals his heart and shows him that there is more to life than just suffering through it.

My Sweet Saga is unique. Witty and genuinely heartfelt. Exciting and emotional. I can honestly say that it has been a long time since a story has impacted me the way this book did. It was written from a guy’s POV which produced a truthful and refreshing take on love and life and let me just say this book is beyond hilarious. The author definitely has a brilliant sense of humor. There were so many different parts throughout that had me cracking up… out loud. Like this scene between Brandon and his father…..

Brandon’s Father: “Oh come on, it’ll be good. I haven’t seen you in forever.”

Brandon: “Not since your last girlfriend flashed her big fake breasts to our entire extended family.”

Brandon’s Father: “Your still angry about that? It was a party. And they were nice.”

Brandon: “It was Grandma Sylvia’s funeral.”

Brandon’s dialogue is extremely blunt at times, uncensored and brutally honest and perhaps a bit shocking when you first begin reading, but it’s one of the main reasons I enjoyed this book so much. I LOVED that I finally got to read a book that focused on love, sex, romance, humor and just life in general, written solely from a guy’s perspective. It was very… insightful in my opinion. I mean what woman wouldn’t be curious to dive into a man’s thoughts and opinions on those topics? I know I certainly was! So if you’re looking for a story full of strong and believable characters, a fully relateable plot that will engage you from cover to cover, an exciting journey through the beautiful streets of Stockholm, Sweden, family secrets, a complicated love triangle and some awesome, random top 10 lists, then this book is for you.

An amazing debut novel. I’ll be eagerly awaiting more from Brett Sills. Highly recommend.


**Many thanks to Lauren Romano at Admiral J Press for providing the ARC of My Sweet Saga**


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