I thought it was time to do a fantasy boyfriend part 2. There’s so many yummerific fictional guys to choose from… today I think I’ll choose… James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, aka JAMMF,  or Jamie from the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.

Jamie Fraser stole my heart about a year and a half ago when a friend insisted I read Outlander. Once I started I just couldn’t stop, and I read the entire series back to back to…well you get the picture. 7 books in all and Ms. Gabaldon does not write short books. But… the characters and story were so fantastic that I became addicted with a capital A. Jamie is tall, well built with broad shoulders and a slim waist…O my fave. He has the most arresting blue eyes and hair almost like a lion’s mane. It’s thick and longish, and the colors of fall: auburn, cinnamon, and streaks of blond. YOWZA!                                                   Did I mention that he’s Scottish…yep, so that means an accent to die for comes with this delectable hunk. He’s a jack of all trades, meaning he does whatever he has to, and he’s good at everything he does. He’s an excellent lover by all accounts wanting to give pleasure every bit as much as he likes to receive it. MmmHmm…my kind of dood.

Jamie is extremely strong willed, but for a guy in the 1700′s he’s pretty liberated in the way he treats his woman. I’m pretty strong willed myself so that’s a plus                                  Did I mention that he’s an outlaw some of the time?!? Not in a do bad things to nice people way, but in a stands up for what he believes in and protects what’s his kind of way. With Jamie I would never go hungry physically or erm…physically. I might never be rich with him, but Jamie’s a smart guy and well educated, so in the end I think we’d be just fine. Love still trumps money in my book.

If you haven’t yet read the Outlander series…you really should. Then you’ll fall in love with Jamie too. Book 8 comes out next year. If you have read any of the books tell me what YOU love about Jamie. Check out my previous fantasy boyfriends here

Tamie Xo  


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