Today I am so happy to be able to present one of my favorite authors- Ms. E L James who was kind enough to participate in an interview. I always love learning more about the people who write books that I love enough to keep reading over and over and…

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1.  What inspires you? Both in your writing and life in general?

This is a hard question. I am inspired by so many different things;  for example, editing FSD I got so fed up with the editing process that I wrote one line down that was rattling around my head about ice cream. I have no idea where it came from, but it ended up being the first line of what I hope will become my next novel.  Another time, back in 2009, I was in a meeting with my scary boss, and he said a phrase… and I wrote a novel from that one phrase.  So, ideas come from everywhere. At the moment I have about 12 ideas for novels – I just need some time to sit and work on them.

2.  What is your favorite genre to read? Who are some of your favorite authors?

Generally I like a good ripping yarn.  To be honest, I am not reading a great deal at the moment because I simply don’t have time. I’ve recently read the Hunger Games Trilogy, which was hard – I had problems with the basic premise of a society that murders its children for sport.  I like romance as a genre, but have not really read much for so long. Favourite romance authors include Laura Kinsale and Elizabeth Lowell.

3. What was the first thing you did when you found out your (first) book was going to be published?

If I told you I couldn’t remember would you be cross with me.

4. What makes you laugh?

My kids, funny women on Twitter, my boss, my workmates (I work in TV comedy at the moment) but most of all my husband. For a grumpy old git he can be very very funny.

5. Favorite #, word, sound, curse word

7, erudite, rain on the roof when I am warm and dry and tucked up in bed or in front of a fire, fuck.

6. How has your enthusiastic fan base surprised you?

The popularity of this story continues to constantly surprise and overwhelm me.  I never expected to have the reaction it has had.

7. Do you have a deleted scene you might release one day?

I have a few…

8. What was the hardest/easiest part of Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker to write?

Hardest: The sex (ha ha.)  Actually, writing a psychiatrist was a bit of a challenge, but I have a friend who is a child psychologist so I spoke to him about Fifty’s issues and then did some research and bingo Dr Flynn became flesh. Easiest part is the emails – nuff said.

9. What were the biggest changes in the book from when you first wrote it to when you finished it? Are there scenes you wish you had left in?

I don’t think so. While I was writing I gave the characters their heads, so to speak, and they went in a completely different direction to the one I had originally intended.  There was one scene  – in FSoG, in fact – that I had to write about 3 times, in order to stop Ana leaving Christian… it was after the dinner party at his parents house.  He spanks her instead.

10. What advice would you give to writers just starting out?

You don’t have to start at the beginning. You do have to keep going and you really, really have to get to know your characters.

11. What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best?

I tend to block out criticism because it can really derail you. I am very self critical, and I think this goes back to your previous question. Have faith and keep going – as long as people are reading your work, you must be doing something right.  I think my biggest problem is moving time on, and my use of ellipses… I speak in ellipses… so that’s kinda tough. The best has been from people who have told me amazing – and awful – things about their own lives, and about how these books have affected them. I have had emails etc., that have had me in floods of tears. And I also like it when people write to say, ‘And my husband thanks you too!’ 

12. What was your favorite chapter/paragraph/phrase to write (from one of the books) and why? Least Favorite?

This is a very hard question to answer. I liked the gliding chapter – in fact that whole section in Georgia – I enjoyed writing that.  Least favourite was the last couple of chapters in FSoG.  That was hard… and not in a good way.

13. How did you come up with the title for your book?

I liked the phrase Fifty Shades… and the books are all about who this enigmatic man is… so I stuck with that.

Rapid Fire Questions: Single Word Answers Only Please.

1. Coffee or Tea? Coffee in the morning. Tea in the afternoon

2. Dogs or Cats? Dogs

3. Mac or PC? Mac

4. Rock or Country? No… just no.

7. Twitter or Facebook? Twitter

9. Pens or Pencils? Pencil

10. White or Wheat? Wheat (if that’s what you mean by brown bread)

12. Sweet or Sour? Nutella

13. Harry Potter or Twilight?  You have to ask?

14. Coke or Pepsi? Diet Coke

Thank you so much for stopping by The Book Hookup on your blog tour. I can’t wait for book 3 in the Fifty trilogy. Xo

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