November 28, 2011

Have you ever read a book and wished that you had just a bit more information?  How did a character feel…what made them act a certain way…what happened before the story began or after it ended??

Me too!

I read and loved the Daughters of Saraquael Trilogy (see my reviews here and here)!  So, of course, I was happy to learn that Raine Thomas has decided to give us more insight into her Estilorian world through a new short story called The Prophecy.

The Prophecy launches today and we’re very excited that Raine has allowed us to share the link to this story with you. 

Use this link to download the story for free! 

If you’ve read the trilogy, this story will give you more insight…if you haven’t, I’m sure it will intrigue you enough to start the books!

We asked Raine a few questions about this short story and she was kind enough to give us her thoughts!

1.  Why did you decide to write a short story?

I wanted to be sure that fans of my Estilorian novels didn’t have to wait too long before they had something new to read. Because I’m releasing the upcoming Firstborn trilogy all at once (as I did with the Daughters of Saraqael trilogy), I knew it would be a number of months before they were available. An Estilorian short story seemed a good way to keep readers engaged, and since The Prophecy is a free download, I’m hopeful it will draw in new readers who check it out just for that reason.

2. What made you decide to give us Saraqael’s story?

After the Daughters of Saraqael trilogy was released and the books established a fan base, I reached out to interested readers and asked them what characters they enjoyed and what story elements they would like to see expanded. Hands down, the story of Saraqael and Kate was the top request. Since Saraqael’s best friend, Quincy, is a central character in the Firstborn trilogy, it made sense to intertwine their stories, and The Prophecy serves as a kind of bridge between the trilogies.

3.  There is such a theme of faith in this story (faith in friends, faith in love, faith in a prophecy, faith that the impossible is possible).  Did you plan to weave in that theme or was it just a bi-product of the story?

It’s great that you captured this element of the story! Saraqael and Quincy, the two main characters, are Corgloresti. The Corgloresti class by its nature is centered in faith and belief. Without faith in their abilities, they can’t transition between the human and Estilorian planes. In each of my books, there is a theme of overcoming obstacles by believing in oneself as well as others. That theme is all the more apparent in such a short format.

4.  Tell us about Hoygul.  How did he come to be?  And why the connection to Homer?

Hoygul is a character who will also appear in the Firstborn trilogy. For readers who are new to the Estilorians, I’ll explain that Estilorians are the beings upon which human myths and biblical stories are all based. Thus, human concepts like angels, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Celtic and Native American gods and goddesses, etc. all developed over time based on human memories of Estilorians. Hoygul is the Estilorian who penned the stories that humans credit to someone they call Homer. (Did you know that some historians still question who wrote The Iliad and The Odyssey? Hmm…).

5.  Are you planning any other short stories?

Yes! My intent is to write one book of the Firstborn trilogy (which I’ve done), release a short story (The Prophecy), write the second book, then release another short story, and then complete the trilogy. Thus, as long as nothing changes, there will be at least one more short story to come!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Raine and, of course, for allowing us to be one of the first to share your short story!  We look forward to your next book…and additional short stories as well!


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