I recently read and reviewed Anew by Chelsea Fine and loved it.  Don’t believe me?!? Check out the review here! 😉  The book was refreshing…full of twists and turns and secrets and love! 

Of course, loving Chelsea’s book meant that we at the Book Hookup needed to get to know more about this creative author.  We invited her to stop by and answer a few of our questions and she agreed!

So, after you read the interview, go read her books…we know you’ll enjoy them!!


The concept for Anew is so original.  What was your inspiration for writing this book?  Where did the ideas come from?
I started putting the story of Anew together after a conversation I had with my sister about boys and forbidden love and all that. We were talking about how two brothers loving the same girl is tragic, because all members of the “love triangle” care about one another. And I was like, “I think I’m going to write a book about how impossible the brother/girl/brother triangle is.”

Gabriel and Tristan have such a complex relationship.  What made you decide to write their characters not just as brothers but as twins?
I love this question! I made them twins because I didn’t want my main character to choose between the brothers based on how they looked. I wanted her to fall for the brother she ends up with because of his personality and attitude. And I also wanted to show how looks have very little to do with who you fall in love with.

Anew lets us see how much some people will sacrifice for the person they love, for their soul mate.  Do you believe in soul mates?
Yes! But not in the traditional way. I don’t believe there’s only one person out there for everyone, but I do believe there are people who are perfectly designed to be together. To me, “soul mates” isn’t a predestined thing. It’s a created thing. “Soul Mates” are two people who have so much chemistry, they live their lives for one another—bending, embracing and evolving along with their partner—because their hearts match.

There so much history that surrounds these characters that it’s easy to picture many storylines.  How many books do you envision in this series?
I have the series outlined as three books. But now that I’m almost finished with book 2, I feel like it might turn into a four-book series. I just have so much to tell!

What was the most difficult part of this book to write?  What was the easiest?
The most difficult part of Anew was writing the back-story of the characters. Because it’s a series, I had to be very precise with how much of each character’s history I told, and when in the story I told it. I have three different versions of Anew, actually. All with different “unveilings” of the back-story, haha.

The easiest part to write was any and every scene with Scarlet and Tristan. I didn’t have to pause or gather my thoughts when I wrote the two of them together. It just…flowed.

Do you have any deleted scenes that you might release one day?
Tons! Oh. Man. I think I have 60,000 words worth of deleted scenes from Anew. Mostly, these are scenes with Heather and Scarlet. Or Tristan trying to “execute his plan”. I have a hotter make out scene with Scarlet and Gabriel, and a more graphic “what’s that symbol” scene with Tristan and Scarlet. I will probably release a few deleted scenes from Anew once Awry (book 2) is out. Maybe.

Do you have a favorite character from this book, or one that spoke to you more personally or more clearly as you were writing?
Heather! Haha. I know she’s this annoying, bubbly, blond but I love her! And I loved writing her character! Mostly because Heather always brought comic relief to the otherwise “heavy” I‘m-cursed-to-die storyline. But also because certain parts of Heather, like her optimism and her protectiveness, remind me of myself. And…you know…I’m blond.

Your book cover is lovely.  Who designed it?
Thank you! The cover was a collaboration between myself and my good friend, Ashley, who is an amazing photographer with Bugg Photographer, LLC.

Have you always envisioned yourself becoming an author?
Haha, not at all. When I was young, I wanted to be a rock star. (Of course.) But that didn’t pan out…mostly because singing in high heels is hard work. J But as far as my “career” went, I studied art and design in college, and went on to become a professional artist. I painted murals for doctor’s offices, schools, and kid’s rooms. It was an awesome job and I was perfectly happy. But I was always writing as a hobby, you know? I wrote my first book, Sophie & Carter, without any plans to publish. I sent it to an online proofreader, who sent it to a publisher, and before I knew it, I was on my way to being published and starting a whole new career in writing! And I can’t imagine being any happier! I LOVE writing. It’s the best job in the world!

What inspires you?
Music. Most of my stories form in my head while I’m listening to music. It’s almost like the melody and the words paint a picture in my brain, and I get all excited and want to write a story to go along with that picture.

Are you working on something new at the moment?  If so, any ideas about when we can expect to see it?
I’m working on several books, actually. A contemporary YA love story that I hope to have out this year. Books 2 and 3 from my Archers of Avalon series are both due out this year as well. And I have a super secret YA thriller that I’m working on with my agent that, hopefully, will come out in the next 18 months or so.

Where do you write?  Do you have certain rituals you follow?
I write in my art studio. It has bright green walls, a giant window, a big white desk and a fluffy, blue couch. It’s heavenly! Yes, I have rituals…. I usually drink a cup of coffee while I watch an episode of The Secret Circle or Vampire Diaries or Once Upon A Time and then I immediately dive into my work. If I get stuck, I usually play the piano for a few minutes to clear my head, or I go for a jog and listen to music.

What advice would you give an aspiring author?
Write your heart out! Write anything and everything that falls out of you, even if it sucks. J The more you write, the more honest your words will sound. And the more honest your words are, the more moving your story is. So just keep writing! And don’t stress about “making it big” or signing with some huge publisher. Writing is not about status, it’s about pulling a story out of your soul and sharing it with readers. I always tell myself, “If only one person is moved by my story, then I have succeeded.” Don’t give up! Write, write away!

Thanks Chelsea!!!  By the way, you can’t see it but I’m bouncing up and down right now just thinking about those deleted scenes!!  We’re all definitely looking forward to book 2!!!


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