Title: The Fallen: Demon
Author: Kristina Douglas
Series: The Fallen
Published: May 31, 2011 Publisher: Pocket

Pages: 384

Once the Fallen’s fearless ruler, a grieving Azazel must find the legendary siren meant to take his lost lover’s place . . . and kill her.

He’s a devil of an angel.

Azazel should have extinguished the deadly Lilith when he had the chance. Now, faced with a prophecy that will force him to betray the memory of his one true love and wed the Demon Queen, he cannot end her life until she leads him to Lucifer. Finding the First is the Fallen’s only hope for protecting mankind from Uriel’s destruction, but Azazel knows that ignoring his simmering desire for the Lilith will be almost as impossible.

She’s an angel of a demon.

Rachel Fitzpatrick wonders how Azazel could confuse her with an evil seductress. She’s never even been interested in sex! At least not before she set eyes on her breathtaking captor. And now she can’t think about anything else—besides escape.

Angels and demons don’t mix.

Rachel stirs a carnal need in Azazel that he never thought he’d feel again. Falling for a demon—even if she has no idea she’s the Lilith—means surrendering his very soul. But if he lets her go, he risks abandoning his heart, his dangerous lover, and possibly all of humanity, to Uriel’s deadly wrath.

Celeste’s review:  Like the first book in this series, Raziel, I put The Fallen: Demon between the third and second shelf. This second book in the series could stand alone, but it’s better if you read the first book.  It is such an interesting take on fallen angels. It is quite dark but still gave me what I wanted. The first book in the series set up the scene quite nicely, which takes place 7 years later. (I liked that because it gave Allie time to settle into her role as the source and establish her love and emotional ties with Raziel).

This story begins with Rachel who seems to lose her identity every 2 years, though for the life of her she doesn’t know why. The story next introduces Azazel, who had lost his wife 7 years earlier, and he is now on the hunt for the Lilith. The Lilith is a demon, who according to part of a prophecy holds the knowledge where Lucifer is being hidden and could save the Fallen. The other part of the prophecy is that Azazel is supposed to marry the demon and they will reign hell together. His mission is to get the knowledge he needs and then destroy the Lilith. The switching POVs once again tell the story beautifully. Azazel needs to destroy the Lilith to protect his breathen, Rachel just wants to survive. But that game plan all changes when Azazel starts to have slight doubts about destroying the demon when she shows signs of fear, and he knows there is no way a demon should ever, ever be afraid.

I loved the different settings and types of characters in this book; from the Dark City and Beloch to the Truth Breakers, it was quite a dark journey. And then there’s Azazel, a totally sexy bad boy, who is quite edgy and cold hearted at times. All this made me love his personal torment the entire story. From the guilt he feels about his betrayal to the emotional connection he develops….I loved him the whole time.

There were definitely some dark scenes that I will admit I was too wimpy to read. If you read the book you will know what I mean and I just didn’t need the details. However there were a few twists and turns that really kept me reading and I loved the emotional connection at the end that I did not get with the first book. Not to mention the steamy scenes. unf! I still don’t know if Rachel was human or not by the end, but I guess the Fallen didn’t either and it didn’t matter. I will definitely read the next book about Michael when it comes out.

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