Title: Eternity
Author: Laury Falter
Series: The Guardian Trilogy
Publisher: self published @kindle
Published: August 29, 2011

From the Publisher: Maggie thought she was safe until an old enemy arrives in New Orleans with a dire threat: A battle is on the way.

With only a few days to spare, she and Eran embark on a path that is expected to prepare them for the world’s most evil creatures. But what Maggie discovers is far more disturbing… the truth behind her identity and why their enemies will never give up.

Celeste’s review:  4.5 stars Indie gem! While I really enjoyed the first book, Fallen, in the Guardian Trilogy, (I reviewed it here) the second installment was even better. Now where to start?  Well, maybe the cover. It’s simple and gorgeous and the symbolism is perfect. I love it! I can’t help feeling extra love towards a book when the cover does it justice. However, it’s not just a pretty little cover with nothing to back it up. Inside, Eternity is a novel that is definitely cranked up a notch and I couldn’t get enough. Fallen had set the scene, but now with Eternity we got even more answers.

Maggie has learned more about who she is as a Messenger and the reason she is hunted. It’s fairly serious and there’s a lot of pressure on Maggie to stay alive. It also explains why her guardian, Eran, is so very protective. His protectiveness really gives us some serious UST. I prefer UST over a love triangle any day, and there was not even a sniff of a love triangle so I was in heaven. This sexual tension also had an epic romance to go along with it, so it was even more frustrating they couldn’t be together, but it was not for a flimsy reason. Eran had very valid explanation why he couldn’t be with Maggie; he loved her and valued her life so much that he truly felt like he had to wait for the right time for them to be together. He had given in before so he knew that he just had to be patient and protect her properly. Argh!

Maggie isn’t alone in this fight. Of course she has her guardian, Eran, but there were others too. Campion…I liked him. A lot. He is very smexy and if there’s a spinoff book about him and a love interest, please oh please Ms. Falter—> Sign. Me. Up. I still liked Ezra, Maggie’s mother figure, but didn’t get Rufus and Felix….I didn’t see them add anything to the story. Someone I shouldn’t like is Marco, but honestly, I still hold out hope he isn’t such a bad guy. I also liked Ms. Beedenwigg, who seemed quirky and eccentric, but that was only on the surface.

I loved how Maggie used her ability as a Messenger to visit herself in past lives. This is where the romance part of the book got so good for me. While we learned about Maggie, we also learned about the love between her and Eran over lifetimes, and it seemed epic. It gave the characters more depth for me, so they didn’t seem like teenagers-very well done.

Now for the nitpicking…..I really did love this book but I can’t quite give it 5 stars because the heroine is a little foolish and head strong. While her intentions are always good, sometimes she thinks a little too hastily. However it wasn’t enough to stop me from liking Maggie and rooting for her the whole time. Even the ending (while it tied up nicely) when Maggie makes her final decision without consulting anyone, it bugged me. She just seemed a little too naive still. However, overall I loved, loved, loved the story.

If you love angels and are looking for an intense read I highly rec this series! I’m starting the 3rd and final book tonight, Reckoning.

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