June 7, 2012

Title: Reckoning
Author: Laury Falter
Series: The Guardian Trilogy
Publisher: self published @kindle
Published: December 23, 2011

From the publisher: With Maggie alone and on the run and with unknown forces conspiring against her, she is in more danger than ever before. As Eran struggles to protect her, Maggie unwittingly ignites the final battle between the Fallen Ones and Alterums, one that could separate her and Eran forever.

Celeste’s review: 4.5 stars! I was eager to start the final installment immediately after I finished Eternity.  The pressure was on for Maggie to defeat the Fallen Ones or be defeated herself. I wasn’t crazy about Maggie heading out on her own, she seemed a little foolish thinking she could take the mission on all by herself. I know it is something we see a lot in books-the heroine or hero has to do something solo to save the others. I’m just not a fan, but the rest was so well written I could get over it. Her personal mission was also quite debatable, and it seemed to consume her. Something that wasn’t good for her personally, as well as all the angels. She didn’t think beyond her immediate goals at the possible consequences her mission could have. And that is where the story heats up.

There were constant battles and fights to the death in this book. As in eternal death. It was intense! Each time a battle was over, there was usually a small tidbit of information that Maggie, Eran and his army could use so the story progressed at a constant clip. Maggie also used her skills as a Messenger to learn more about her opponents.  I won’t say how in the review, but I thought this was very ingenious and I loved the author’s creativity!

Not only did this book heat up with all the battles, it also heated up in the romance department. Eran and Maggie definitely had a physical attraction to each other, but for the sake of their mission, they couldn’t lose focus and have any time for themselves. It was stolen moments filled with angst as they waited for the perfect moment. RAWR!

As I fan myself down we also got to see Gershom again in this book and he didn’t disappoint either. He continued as an ally and friend to Maggie, lending just the right amount of support. There was some more of Campion too, but for me personally, just not enough. He is one smoking hot dude (I love my romance, what can I say!) and I’m convinced he has a fabulous story to tell. The other secondary characters such as Ezra, Felix, Rufus, and Ms. Beedinwigg were the same, they didn’t take the spotlight away and filled in the background nicely

The ending was starting to stress me out! I didn’t know how it was going to go, and I was really hoping the author wouldn’t end like THAT. Can’t say anymore, but Ms. Falter pulled out all the stops and I loved it. If you love angels, romance and action, this series is a must read!


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