What did you read this weekend?

Time to share what you’re reading…let us know what book occupied your precious spare moments! Here’s what’s we read this weekend…

Sweet Evil - CoveAna:  I started reading Sweet Evil (Sweet Evil Trilogy #1) by Wendy Higgins.  I’ve been wanting to read this book from the first time I laid eyes on the gorgeous cover.  The story is about good girl Anna and bad boy Kaidan and angels and demons and nephilim,  But it’s a twist on what we’ve read in the past.  Anna has the ability to see and feel the emotions of other people and she has a pull inside her…a pull luring her to the dark side that she can’t explain.  So far it’s a great read…can’t wait to see what happens next!

Celeste: I had 2 books on my nightstand this weekend! The first was Foretell (Wanderlove #2) by Belle Mallory.  I can’t express enough how much I want all of you to read this gypsy series! These books are fabulous and just draw you in. Foretell is from Essie’s POV, which is different than the first novel, but really completes the story. This book is a total win for plot and romance (the attraction is sooooo good!). Stay tuned for my full review.

I also am just finishing Goddess Legacy (Goddess Test 2.5) by Aimee Carter. While it’s a novella, it’s as long as a full length book so you won’t be disappointed. I absolutely adore this series! Goddess Legacy gives the reader background on the gods and goddesses in their time before Kate had met them, so we now have more insight into their characters. I hadn’t realized in the first Goddess Test books how manipulative Zeus had been; never, ever a dull moment. Stay tuned for my review for this too 🙂

Amy: I just began reading Inescapable (The Premonition Series #1) by Amy Bartol. After listening to my fellow litbrarians fantastic, first ever site podcast review of this series, I HAD to read these books.. Even though it’s still very early on in the storyline for me (FYI: I woke up this morning with the book stuck to the side of my face. Not cool. The covers are GORGEOUS!), I already love Amy’s writing style. I’m really looking forward to this series!

Christina: I started My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick yesterday. Samantha Reed, seventeen-year-old daughter to a politician mom, has always wanted a life similar to her next-door neighbors– large family, lively, and filled with love.  One day, Jase Garrett climbs the terrace and utters two words that changes everything, “Need rescuing?” I’ve wanted this book for the longest, and holy-freaking-swooneriffic fictional boys is it amazing! I love (and love to hate) every single character in this story. I’m enjoying the author’s writing style immensely. I literally laugh out loud at least every other page, but it all leads back to Jase. I’m approximately halfway through the book, but I’m pretty certain that Jase will earn my Book Boyfriend Numero Uno slot. He’s delicious and sweet and heart-melting and swoony… AND, OMG GUYS, JUST READ IT ALREADY SO WE CAN FLAIL TOGETHER!

So what did you read? We’d love to know 🙂

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  1. nanette

    I’m reading the black dagger brotherhood series. I finished book too and now i’m on book 3 and loving them all already. I love how bad @$$ all the men are. They aren’t whimpy vampires who try and get the girl. They fight for her and fight hard. there is plenty of action going on.

  2. Nikki

    I read Fortell this weekend and it will definitively not disappoint. I loved Wanderlove and this finishes the story perfectly. Cannot wait for more from Belle!!

    • Thanks for stopping by! Ah, you love that series too-yay!! I finished it too and loved it!! It really did complete the story. I loved that it was from Essie’s point of view and not Lola’s this time.

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