July 4, 2012

I recently read and reviewed Wilde’s Fire by Krystal Wade and really enjoyed it.  Check out the review here!  The book was full of twists and turns and adventure!

Krystal’s second book, Wilde’s Army is being released TODAY (and I’ll be reviewing it soon) so I thought we should take this time to get to know more about her!!

We invited her to stop by and answer a few of our questions and she agreed!  So, read the interview and then go read her books…we know you’ll enjoy them!!

You can get to know Krystal here:
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Your main characters are great.  We’d love to know what pops into your mind when you think about them.  Please describe Kate in 3 words.  Now describe Arland in 3 words.
Kate: Doesn’t freak out. Arland: Loves his people.

Kate is facing such an uphill battle from the very beginning.  Her story has so many facets!  How many books do you envision in this series?
I’ve only planned three books for Kate’s story, but I have considered writing other stories involving the worlds I created in the books!

What was the most difficult part of this series to write?
The most difficult thing to write has been Perth. He is so torn between right and wrong. With Kate and everyone else, their path is clear, but Perth…he could swing any direction.

Does understanding the main characters after writing the first book make writing subsequent books less complicated?
Writing the second book was easy. I had all the characters down and knew exactly what was going to happen. The third book is complicated. I have so many issues to clear up, so many character paths to define, that I’m taking a lot more time with it.

Do you have any deleted scenes that you might release one day?
No. No. NO! (Should I say that one more time?) Most of my deleted scenes are just absolutely crap. Scenes where my mind went off on a tangent, or where I didn’t have the ending of the first book clearly defined so I tried writing something else. So, nope. Well, now that I’m thinking about it . . . I do have an alternate prologue from Kate’s mom’s POV. *Runs off to think*

Have you always envisioned yourself becoming an author?
Not always. When I was younger, I certainly did. But I tucked away that part of me for so long, I got caught up in “doing what I had to do to survive” instead. People should choose career paths that matter to them; otherwise, happiness will be hard to find.

What has been the harshest criticism you’ve received?  What has been your biggest compliment?
The harshest criticism had to be my first negative review. I knew one would come, but I wasn’t prepared for it when it did. I tailspinned for a couple days, then realized I was acting stupid. Books don’t speak to everyone. Not everyone perceives words the same way. You cannot allow negative reviews to change who you are as an author. So, now I ignore the bad ones and revel in the good ones.

Biggest compliment . . . my publisher offering me a contract after seeing only bits and pieces of one of my works in progress!

Rapid fire:
Tea or coffee – BOTH!
Rock or country – ROCK
Dog or cat – BOTH
Chocolate or vanilla – CHOCOLATE
Mountains or the beach – This is hard. BEACH
Hardcover, softcover or e-book – SOFTCOVER!

Thanks for stopping by Krystal!!!  I’m definitely looking forward to book 3!!!


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