Title: Foretell
Author: Belle Malory
Series: Wanderlove
Publisher: self published @ Amazon digital services
Published: June 2012
Pages: 295

From the Publisher: If you could provide anyone with the path to their deepest, darkest desires, would you?

Estelle Spencer has no choice.

With just a simple touch of her hand, wishes and dreams are instantly fulfilled. Her voice speaks of its own accord, lighting the way to good fortune.

But not everyone’s fortunes are desirable.

For most of her life Estelle hides in fear, living as a recluse in her sister’s shadow. Until the day comes when her existence is remembered.

Forced into running, Estelle meets Rex, a Romanian gypsy, and the only person who can help her hide. Together they search for a way to end the curse that controls Estelle’s life.

Before she destroys the world.

**This book was given to Celeste by the author,
but did not influence the review**

Celeste’s review: 
LOVED! Fabulous story with a fabulous romance. Win, win, win. Top shelf honors! A lot of you may wonder why I have quite a few 5 star books…when I’m not reading a submission I spend a lot of time picking out books, especially indie books like the ones in this series. When the author is able to make me feel connected to the characters and I end up dreaming about them I know it’s a success. If I personally feel moved, in love, sad, or any emotion that the author is trying to convey, well, then it’s high marks for me. Belle Malory does just that.

This is the 2nd installment in the gypsy series. But these gypsies aren’t like gypsies you are thinking about; they are all stunningly gorgeous and all have special magical talents. They also get reincarnated over and over again, so romances as well as battles continue in each lifetime. There is so much history with these characters!

Initial Thoughts:
As I began the book I wasn’t sure if this was a whole new story because it is told in first person (my favorite), but from a different POV than the first novel, Wanderlove. Well, I didn’t worry for very long since the original characters from the first book linked up fast enough with the new main character, Estelle, and the story from her point of view was perfect!

The Heroine:
Estelle, (Essie) is a great heroine. She has always lived with her gift (curse) so that is nothing new, she just now begins to understand a little bit of the why she has it. She learns more and more as the story goes on, and the pieces start to come together. She has feelings that I too would have and I never felt like I wanted to shake her to come to her senses. I loved her!

The Romance:
The physical chemistry is fabulous and one of the reasons this book is 5 stars. I could just feel the sexual tension oozing out of the pages. I love a naughty bad boy that wants to do the right thing, and that is exactly how to describe Rex. Some of the remarks he made during the story gave me the butterflies myself (or made me blush-and I loved it-I will admit it! lol).

In one part of the book, Rex goes to see Tatiana, his ex-love-of-his-life. Eeek! I have to admit I was crushed and wondering if Essie was Tatiana in a past life. The emotion there was very real, and very believable, which is why I actually felt so let down. See, that is the amazing writing I’m talking about!

The Ending (was there a killer cliffhanger?):
The ending was perfect with just the right amounts of everything; the way the story itself tied up as well as the romance (I’m trying not to spoil here). I can see how the novel could go on to the next book, but if it doesn’t that is OK too. There is no cliffhanger, but I’d love to see more of these gypsies again!

Final thoughts:
Foretell is wonderfully told and so easy to follow, as the layers were built up so naturally. I also loved Part Two of the book, which went back in time and gave me great insight to the characters. This series is a must read, and to top it off the author is super sweet and kind. Stop by her blog (she’s having a signed giveaway!!) or her brand new twitter account and say hi and learn more about these amazing books.

Happy reading!

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