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To celebrate the release of author, Sherry Soule’s new paranormal novel, MOONLIGHT MAYHEM, she has graciously offered us a sneak peek at the second book in this unforgettable young adult series, and a look at the thrilling book trailer. Enjoy!

Watch the 2nd book trailer in the Epic Spellbound Series!

Chapter One

My body relaxed for the first time in weeks without the fear of demon blood infecting me with Darkness. Or a portal to the Underworld opening up under my feet. Or ghosts inhabiting my body. No, I was just a normal teen like the others here tonight. At least that’s what I kept telling myself as I sat slouching in the back booth at Luna Pizza along with my BFF, Ariana Parsons, as we both critiqued the band, especially the bass player but not the seriously cute lead singer. I propped my cheek on my fist and sighed, staring at the band. The loud music, a thudding hum inside my chest.

Summer vacation had ended and we were already a week into our junior year. School was good. Normal. Something I’d missed a bunch, after months spent dealing with the paranormal. No more demons around to vanquish, or evil witch covens to break up. Nope—I was back to being an ordinary teenage girl. Well, an almost normal teen. If you didn’t count the whole prophesied Thirteenth Daughter thing. Which I was conveniently ignoring.

“I can’t believe summer’s over. No more sleeping in,” Ariana said around a mouthful of pizza. “When is Thanksgiving break?”

I smiled. “Already counting down the days?” I stretched my legs under the table, getting a peek at my boots—ankle-high pink Doc Martens, useful for everything from partying to kicking ass—and looked around. Ari was right. Mostly teens dressed in summer attire: tanks, halter-tops, and shorts. Some girl in a very short miniskirt was giving the band’s singer the you’re-so-hot-I-could-die look.

“Duh.” Ariana wiped her mouth with a napkin and gestured to the room. Blond hair hung in wild curls past her shoulders, and wide blue eyes stared blatantly at me. “If ya haven’t noticed, I’m not the only one with summertime blues. Most of the junior class is here tonight. It’s our duty as teenagers to have as much fun as possible before summer officially ends.”

During the month of September, the weather remained muggy and hot. Tonight, a mixture of jocks and cheerleaders had clustered in a booth near the band. Stuck to a bulletin board, notices for missing Whispering Pines kids flapped in the air-conditioned draft. In this town, a lotta crazy stuff happened—including teens who’d never run away disappearing in the dead of the night. The restaurant’s decor resembled a typical pizza parlor, with old street signs and framed movie posters on the walls. Luna Pizza was an all-ages venue for live music. Every teen in town hung out here. The bands were rockin’. The pizza even better.

“Guess you’re right. Doesn’t seem like anyone here is ready for summer to end, but I’m kinda glad it’s over. No more death and mayhem.” It wasn’t like my life had been anything near normal this summer. Far, far from it. But my days of vanquishing demons were over. For now. And I wasn’t about to start complaining. Demon vacation was even better than summer vacation.

I noticed Ariana staring long and hard at Daniel Ramírez, his arm slung around some girl. Gorgeous, privileged, and the Giant’s star quarterback. As my gaze drifted over the crowd, I wondered if Trent Donovan would show up. Our breakup had left a major lump in my throat.

Cut it out, Shiloh. Supposed to be having fun with your best friend. No blubbering over your ex tonight.

My moody reflection gazed at me from the oblong mirror attached along the wall of the bar. I had dark circles under my brown eyes and a pimple on my forehead. Not good. I pushed my black hair over the zit, so the strands hung over one eye. Much better.

Ariana snapped her fingers. “Hello? Spacing out again.”

“Sorry. Please repeat.”

“I asked how studies were going with Evans. Still lecturing on you sacred duties?”

Outside my family, only Ariana and Evans knew the truth regarding the prophecy, but everyone in town identified my family as the Broussard Witches. In Whispering Pines, rumors leaked like water from a drippy faucet. Small towns—gotta love ’em.

I rolled my eyes. “Oh, yeah. Don’t even get him started or he’ll go on and on. But I gotta say, he’s a wicked cool teacher on all things supernatural.” But I didn’t want to deal with the supernatural tonight. I wanted to forget the drama. Just have fun with Ari. I jerked my chin at the dancers. “Do you think that girl near the stage is hoping to hookup with the singer?”

“No doubt. Her skirt’s so short, it could be a belt.” Ariana leaned back and adjusted her cleavage, darting another glance at Daniel. I figured she was hoping he’d notice her. It looked like she’d put some effort into her outfit tonight. But would popular boy Daniel notice one of the nobodies in school? Although she looked totally cute in her girly tomboy look: corduroy blazer over a lacy camisole paired with capris and her turquoise glitter Nikes that matched a scarf hanging from her neck.

I glanced at my own ensemble. Okay, yes, I’m sorta a clothes whore. Only because battling demons and other things ended up ruining most of your wardrobe. And hey, no one ever said you couldn’t look cute and kickass, too. Tonight I’d worn my usual edgy-rockstar-bohostyle: cropped black shirt with a pink skull decal that was short enough to reveal my bellyring, a bunch of chunky necklaces, and low-rise jeans. I had on a black hoodie, too. My mother would be appalled. She believed hoodies were a major style offense to fashionistas everywhere, but Ihad to wear long sleeves to cover my hideous scar. I hated it. Freakin’ mark of a demon.

I started to laugh at Ariana’s snarky remark, but the mysterious mark carved onto my wrist tingled, and I cocked my head. Every muscle in my body tensed. The sensation thrilled through me, not hurting but prickling. I scanned the dim corners and edges of the room, fingering the switchblade—a present from Dad on our first camping trip—in the back pocket of my jeans. My stomach clenched. The hairs on my arms bristled. The ominous feeling lingered like an approaching storm. Even after weeks of training with Evans, I wasn’t able to pinpoint the source with my powers. But I knew something felt wrong.

Suddenly the main door crashed open, bringing inside a rush of harsh wind and the fetid scent of damp earth. A girl screamed louder than any banshee, and the band sputtered into silence. Heads snapped up. Murmurs leaked from open lips. Kids gawked at the doorway, mouths agape.

A boy staggered inside the restaurant, blood spurting from his left arm. He looked up and I recognized James McMillian, a Varsity football player from school. Blood drenched his shirt, dripping from his tan chinos to stain the scuffed and scabbed wood floor. “Someone—help me! Please!” he yelled, collapsing in a pond of red…


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