Nocturnal (The Noctalis Chronicles #1) by Chelsea M. Cameron

Title: Nocturnal
Author: Chelsea M. Cameron
Series: Noctalis
Publisher: self published @ CreateSpace / Amazon Digital Services
Published: February 11, 2012
Pages: 232

From the publisher: Seventeen-year-old Ava-Claire Sullivan isn’t one for doing the expected. Especially when she finds out her mother’s cancer is terminal. After a crying session in the local cemetery where she’s attacked by one strange guy and saved by another, she doesn’t call the cops. Because those guys definitely weren’t your average hooligans.

And the one who sort-of saved her? Well, he’s odd. He doesn’t seem to breathe or smile or have anything better to do than wait in the cemetery for Ava to come back. Which she does. Call it morbid curiosity. Even after he warns her that he’s dangerous, she can’t stop wanting to see him, talk to him, be with him.

There’s something about Peter that provides a much-needed escape from her mother’s diagnosis and her tenuous relationship with her father. Even her best friends Jamie and Texas don’t know what it’s like to face death. But Peter does. He already has. He also made a promise a long time ago that could destroy both of them.

When everything in your life is falling apart, what are you willing to give up to hold onto the one thing that could last forever?

**This book was given to The Book Hookup
but that did not influence the review**

Celeste’s review: 4.5 stars! First: I love the cover. LOVE! I’m a cover snob and this one is just gorgeous. Second: everyone needs to read this book! If you love being vested in characters, if you love having your heart broken and bursting with love at the same time, well this is the book for you. I really had no idea what to expect going into this novel and ended up falling in love with this story. Nocturnal is a tear jerker that flooded me with so many emotions while reading it.

The story: Ava’s mother has cancer, and instead of continuing with treatments she wants to enjoy the little time she has left. Oh my, get out the kleenex. It is so heartfelt. I loved. That is all. In order to escape her reality, Ava takes off to be alone in the cemetery, but that is where she meets Peter and his brother. Although Peter saves Ava from getting killed, she still knows that he is so dangerous. He isn’t even friendly, yet she can’t stay away from him. She finds some kind of peace in his company, which is exactly what she needed.

Ava: I loved her. She loves her mom, they are really close and have a very honest relationship. She doesn’t really care for her father but lives with him. I think she had a better relationship with him before her mother was sick. That is heartbreaking too! She is very, very real and I could totally relate to her.

Peter and Ava: They have a connection almost immediately, and even though their dialogue is limited and not that often, it is always full of emotion. There was so much “said” behind every small action. One serious bonus was that every so often there was a section in Peter’s POV, which truly completed the experience.

The friends: Her best friend Tex is the usual annoying bff, but her other best friend, Jamie I liked. He had his own issues and was deeper than the typical teen. However, there is a great loyalty among them all and I could appreciate it.

The storytelling:ย  Wow. This is hard to do spoiler free, but I can tell you this: it built up slowly and gave us just enough that left me hooked. Well, mostly just me wanting to keep turning the pages to get more Peter and Ava time. However, it’s not just a romance; as I kept reading the plot was thickening with a danger lurking behind the lovebirds. The couple were bound in a way that made me feel as if I couldn’t breathe myself if the two of them weren’t together. At the same time there were hints of something serious: of past promises made and people being destroyed…but nothing specific that Ava was made aware of, until the closer to the end.

Emotional levels: Huge!! When a book makes me feel as much as I did here the author has done an amazing job. From the sadness to the romance…it was all intense. I was at 75% and they hadn’t even kissed (that happened at 88%) and yet it was still so romantic. Le swoon.

Peter: “I couldn’t tell where my feelings began and hers ended anymore.”

I’m pretty sure I felt the same way. The author has a way with words that make you feel like your emotions are bubbling over as well.

Thank you again to Ms. Cameron for providing Nocturnal, I’m a huge fan! I cannot wait to start the next book, Nightmare. I highly rec this book to everyone. Happy reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

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