Title: Reflection

Author: Jessica Roberts

Published: February 17, 2012

Publisher: self-published

Pages: 289

Book Description from Goodreads:

Bright, spunky Heather Robbins has escaped her small hometown and is anxiously beginning her freshman year of college. Rising above her rocky childhood, she’s found a place where good things are finally starting to happen: her own private apartment, refreshing college classes, and an intense attachment to a mysterious and rugged classmate, Nick Richards.

But when her dreamy college life turns out to be nothing more than a wonderful dream while resting in a coma, questions threaten.

Now, Heather must press forward to unlock the real past, and find the answers buried deep in her mind. What she unlocks instead is a roller coaster ride through flashbacks, embellished memories, and a whirlwind romance.

And when it’s all over and she comes face to face with the truth, will she lose everything she’s fallen in love with?

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  • Christina loved this novel and with a 4.5 rating, she’s stacking it her top shelf . Continue reading for my review and the giveaway…

I was immediately caught up in the emotional journey of this captivating, original story and ended up reading this book in one sitting. Reflection begins with Heather Robbins saying goodbye to her lifelong friend, Creed, in search of a brighter world full of hopeful adventures while attending college in St. Louis, leaving behind her past and darker memories of the childhood in her hometown of Nevada City, Missouri. She’s looking for a clean slate in life, the thought of avoiding pitying stares and the gossip of the townsfolk freeing as her plans to live a life of anonymity take flight. The only thing holding her back is the thought of leaving Creed, her safety net in a world full of uncertainty. However, with a gentle nudge from him, Heather sets out for a new life with a carefully crafted plan to keep people in the dark about her former life and to never let them get too close so that she never has to get hurt.

Yet, devising a plan and actually following through with it is always easier said than done. Her summer classes introduce a whole host of people into her life, and she finds her idea of pushing people away more difficult than had ever thought it would be, especially Hat Guy. With a voice that sets her body on fire and a eyes that pierce her soul and pull at her heart strings, she finds resisting Nick (Hat Guy) the biggest challenge of all. *girly sigh* Nick… At first he’s the biggest jerk on the planet, but the more they’re forced to be together in classes and group projects, the more she finds herself falling for him. It’s understandable, how could she not fall for this guy? He’s so swoony and broody and gentle and tough and patient and funny and and kind and he plays the guitar and sings … AND I kind of fell in love with him as I read about him, too. He’s the perfect paradox, so cold and unrelenting on the outside and around others, but with her, he’s warm and tender and perfectly flawed and perfect. (Yes, I so have a crush on him. *le swoony sigh*)

But the kicker comes when Heather slowly awakes in a hospital room with no recollection of how she got there, and Nick’s presence isn’t the one that she feels, rather her best friend Creed. Through a conversation with Dr. Adams, Heather comes to realize that she has been in a coma for an extended period of time. Through the rest of the book, Heather walks us through a six month period of her start in school, the blossoming relationship with Nick, up until the day of the accident. Or rather I should say, she walks us through what she thinks she remembers. Dr. Adams explains that while her mind and body were trying to heal, her brain could have created this world and people that could have possibly been influenced by her surrounding in the hospital until it was time for her to come out of her coma. So Heather, along with the readers, works out the details, trying to separate actual facts from the embellished dreams that her brain manifested to help her recover.

This was a story that I couldn’t seem to get through fast enough and yet couldn’t read slow enough either. I often forgot that it was self-published work, and noticed very few errors. I was captivated from the start, and with my heart lodged in my throat, tore through the pages and prayed that Heather’s mind hadn’t gone haywire and brought about her ideal guy only to have him not be real. I don’t think I breathed through the entire book. I laughed out loud and I cried a little, too. I even laughed while I cried at some points. I swooned so hard I melted into the floor.

Ms. Roberts has an amazing ability to flesh out her characters. Each and every single one of them– even the marginally talked about secondary characters– is so multi-faceted that you quickly find yourself bound to the story and caring how it all ends. Though annoying at times because of her constant need to lie and push people away, I loved Heather. She was fun, quirky, enthusiastic about the strangest things and felt so real to me. Then to see her struggle to differentiate the truth behind her memories was so heartbreaking, and yet you’re riveted to her side and hoping with her against all hope that Nick is out there and at that their type of love really is timeless and existed. To keep from spoiling anything, I’ll end the review here by saying that I really loved this book. The ending kind of tears your heart out a little, but there’s still a bit of hope that things will eventually work out in Heather’s favor. I can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel, Reaction, with a release date of Fall 2012. I’ll be holding my breath until then. Please don’t make me hold it too long, Ms. Roberts. Click on the giveaway picture below.  Trust me, you’ll want to win this one….

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About the author: 

JESSICA ROBERTS grew up in the San Francisco, California Bay Area where she spent most of her time playing sports alongside her six siblings. She was crowned Miss Teen California her senior year of high school, and went on to Brigham Young University where she graduated in Human Development. Her love of family, church, writing, athletics, and singing and dancing keeps her life busy and fulfilled. She currently resides in Utah with her husband and three children.

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