November 23, 2012

Title: Saving Grace
Author: Christine Zolendz
Series: Mad World
Publisher: DarkRoadDesigns
Published: October 5th 2012
Pages: 244

From the Publisher: After spending over 2,000 years being a lost soul looking for the angel I was forbidden to fall in love with, I finally found him. Lucky for me he has taken up residence inside the hot body of NYC’s local bad boy, tattooed rock star, Shane Maxton. Turns out, not only is he absolutely perfect, so is the whole Grace Taylor life that I’m stuck in. The only problem is Gabriel. An archangel who wants me all to himself so he kind of kidnaps me. Now I have to find my way back and hope everything works out…

Celeste’s review: *fans self* Ladies, ladies, ladies…..Shane Maxton is walking sex. I don’t even know where to start. I loved him it! I could not get my hands on this fast enough. This was a great conclusion to the first book, Fall From Grace.  I was epicly swooning here folks. This book had me frustrated and on fire!

The Story: Saving Grace is categorized as paranormal, but it could easily be contemporary. The bad guys (the Fallen Angels) could have just been that, bad guys and we would have had a fabulous contemporary romance. I’m just saying this because if you love contemporary books this is a good one! However, the author did make it paranormal and of course the amazing Shane Maxton gets to save his heroine, Grace Taylor from the evil Fallen Angels. Regardless of who the bad guys were, it was no easy road for the two of them. Lots of ups and downs, lots of banter back and forth, and then lots of blocked (ugh!!) attempts at them to actually admit their feelings and act on it. Then top it off with lots of attempts to kill Grace….never a dull moment. I was tearing through the pages!

The Hero: I will admit it, Shane Maxton is the reason you should read this book. Shane is still bad, dirty, sexy, confident, and has a ridiculously hot body. He’s also soft as anything in the inside. Did I say sexy? That’s right, the total bad boy. Sex on legs. I want him, and apparently so did everyone else, but he only had eyes for Grace. Even when he is romantic, he still somehow oozes sex.

“Then let me in, because I promise you, I will pick up every little broken piece of you, every single f*cking piece, Grace, and for the rest of my f*cking life, I will put you back together… I’ll make you whole again.”

Gripes: One teensy thing that did bother me was the insane amount of alcohol in this story, especially tequila. I should let you know I’m a pretty big drinker ( love my wine), and did more than my share of drinking when I was 22-23 (the ages of the characters). But I never, EVER drank that much and these characters seem to do it on a nightly basis. We are talking BOTTLES of tequila. So for me, the once-upon-a-time-partier to be shocked it has to be a lot of booze. It just wasn’t realistic. Did it affect the story? No, but just my 2 cents.

Rec it? Should you read this? Y E S. The sexy in this book is off the charts, and man oh man, worth the wait. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I couldn’t stop turning the pages fast enough because I desperately needed Grace and Shane to be together. If you are looking for some UST and quick reads, I can’t rec this series enough! To top it off, both books are only $1.50 each at amazon! Go on, you know you want to buy them

Happy swooning!


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