January 18, 2013

Title:  Wilde’s Meadow

Series:  Darkness Falls

Author: Krystal Wade

Published:  November 2012 by Curiosity Quills Press

Happy endings are hard to find, and even though Katriona is in the middle of a war with someone who’s already stolen more than she can replace, she aches for a positive future with her Draíochtans.

Armed with hope, confidence in her abilities, and a strange new gift from her mother, Kate ventures into the Darkness to defeat a fallen god.

Losses add up, and new obstacles rise to stand in the way. Is the one determined to bring Encardia light strong enough to keep fighting, or will all the sacrifices to stop those who seek domination be for nothing?

Ana will put Wilde’s Meadow on her second shelf!!

My Review:  Great ending to a great series!  There may have been some tears and there may have been doubts about how this book would end, but, ultimately, the author did justice to this wonderful story!  Katriona (Kate) finds herself in the war she’s been preparing for and must face the fact that this could cost her the family and friends who mean so much to her.  There was so much going on in this book…even though it was shorter than I had imagined it would be.

All my favorite characters stood behind Kate to bring light back to Encardia.  I was quite surprised by some the twists in this book and, in all honesty, saddened by some as well.  But when all is said and done, I think the author did all the right things.  We’ve all read books where wars turn into non-wars and this definitely not one of them.  The action was intense and the bad guys extra creepy, keeping me glued to the book to see what would happen next.  Kate had to face her foes and her own demons to try to bring light back to her world and, like any girl, had moments of doubt and exhaustion.  Overall, however, she kept her focus on what was important…her family, her friends and her world.

A very compelling part of the story was learning about everyone’s prophesies and how intertwined they were.  These prophesies were definitely complex and confusing but as they began to be sorted out we learned that Kate, Arland and the rest were fated to protect this world.  Speaking of other characters, I once again loved most of the secondary characters and, I say most, because I had to admit that Kate’s sister Brit was on my nerves in the beginning of the book.  But, even she redeemed herself in my eyes by the end!  These characters have been through so much together that having them face this final battle together felt right.

This is a great series that provides the right amount of action with romance and lets you experience all the emotions.  Pick it up…you won’t be sorry!


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