March 1, 2013

Today we’re happy to participate in the blog tour for

Traced (Part One of the Outlier Chronicles)
by Megan Squires

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Title: Traced

Series: The Outlier Chronicles

Author: Megan Squires

Published: October 2012

Tessa can’t sleep.

But when your parents are dead and the government directs your path in life, sleep shouldn’t come easily. Lately, Tessa’s fitful nights are growing even more predictable, almost like déjà vu. And she’s beginning to think that something greater is at work—something her society has taken drastic measures to keep hidden.

Caught between self-discovery and government conformity, she’ll have to choose either the boy who can help her reveal this new truth or the one that can provide her with the security of familiarity.

Tessa’s faced with a weighty decision. And she’s going to need more than a good night’s sleep to make it.

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Ana will put Traced on her second shelf!

My Review: When I started this book I thought I knew exactly what I was getting. When I found myself half-way through the book and realized that I was getting something different, I should have been upset…or just plain confused. But I wasn’t. What I had believed to be the main plot had been pushed slightly into the background in favor of character and relationship development. And the technique worked. By the time I got to the mystery of Tessa’s world and her strange connection with time, I was so connected to the characters that I really cared about what would happen to them next.

I enjoyed the character interactions and Tessa’s road to discover her abilities. The premise of this story was quite unique. Now, I must forewarn you…there is a love triangle here. And, you know that I love to hate them. In this case it’s fairly well done. Tessa finds herself torn between Joel, her cousin’s best friend, and Liam, the new boy in town. The difficulty is that not only must she decide between them but she’s linked to both in different ways…one knows her secrets, the other has the life she ‘s always imagined living and wants to share it with her. Liam is a mystery in this book. We don’t know enough about him and, of course, that means I was attracted to his character immediately! I’m very interested to see who Tessa will ultimately end up with.

We’ve only scratched the surface on Tessa’s abilities and the secrets behind them. Her ability to see patterns in time is a very different concept than anything I’ve read recently. There is a lot of story yet to be told here and I’m glad that the next book will be out soon! With all of the unresolved issues and the relationships yet to be determined, I’m looking forward to the next book!

About the Author:

Megan Squires lives with her husband and two children just outside of Sacramento, California. A graduate from the University of California, Davis, Megan is now a full-time mother, wife, and dreamer – though her characters don’t often give her much opportunity to sleep.

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Sneak Peek at Book 2 – Recruited -Coming March 2013

The annual Sector Exposition is fast approaching and apprehension holds heavy in the air at East Valley. While the senior class readies for their recruitment day, Tessa is grateful for one more year of her high school routine.

But with the Hub in control, nothing is secure.

Family ties are tested and new alliances are made. The Sector recruitments cast a wide divide between Tessa and her friends. When Tessa is betrayed by those closest to her, she has to choose whether to remain loyal to her gift, or betray her own calling in an effort to assimilate.

And if her past is any indicator, Tessa won’t have much say in that decision.

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