March 18, 2013

Title: Ethereal Knights
Author: Addison Moore
Series: Celestra Knights
Publisher: self published Published:


From the Publisher: A point of view novel: Ethereal (Celestra Series Book 1) rewritten through Logan and Gage’s perspective.

Angels still roam the earth through Nephilim bloodlines. The battle for power between angelic factions intensifies when a new girl moves to Paragon Island.

Logan and Gage Oliver are captivated by Paragon’s newest resident, Skyla Messenger. Logan believes she is the Celestra destined to grow to a ripe old age with him, and Gage believes she’s the girl prophesized to be his.

The battle lines are drawn as both Olivers vie for her attention while danger lurks around every corner, and they must work together to keep Skyla safe. Logan fights to keep his new relationship with Skyla, but destiny alters his plans and he must make a decision that might cost him Skyla forever.

**We received a copy of Ethereal Knights
but we totally swear it did not influence the review**

Celeste: Team Logan
Ana: Team Gage
Jag: Team Gage!

First thoughts before we even read a single word:
Celeste: Yahhhhh Mama. I love the cover and this is from Logan and Gage’s POV?!?! Sign. Me. Up.
Ana:  I can’t wait to see what these boys have to say! I love being able to read a story from a different angle!
Jag: The cover is hott and I am a SUCKER for the boys POV. Hear that authors, I’m easy money when it comes to getting inside the boys bed head.

The story, how it was written:
Celeste: Holy sex on the brain! *whispers* I love it. These boys are a little bit naughty and I’m a little bit likey.
Ana:  Logan and Gage do not monitor their thoughts…nor do they watch their words.  I love that they’re naughty and straightforward and…well…boys!!
Jag: 24/7 sexy-time thoughts. I loved it, there’s no filter when you crawl into these boy’s brains and it’s spicey.

Expectations we had and if they were met:
Celeste: I LOVED Ethereal so the bar was set pretty high for this novel. I kind of expected it to surpass the original. And it did.
Ana:  I wasn’t sure what to expect since I was about to, in essence, reread Ethereal.  But I was very pleasantly surprised.  I learned a few things and I witnessed conversations that made the story richer for me.
Jag: I loved both of these boys so it was a true treat to find out what they were going through when Skyla came to town.  I did wonder if this book would be as readable if you hadn’t read Ethereal so I’m going to recommend you read it before tackling these boys *wink*

Feelings about the characters, how did they stay the same/change:

Celeste: Logan is “the bad boy”. I think I loved him even more with this book and I didn’t know that was possible. He is one dirty boy, but he truly is drawn to Skyla and genuinely falling for her.
Ana:  hmmmm…this is a tough one because I basically always wanted Logan to just get the heck out of Gage’s way when I first read the books but I did learn quite a bit about what goes on in his mind and I may like him just a little bit more now!
Jag: I have to admit, I think I like Logan a little less after reading this.  I think knowing what he knows he should step aside


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