March 21, 2013

Title: Songbird

Series:The Harrison Duet

Author: Syrie James

Published: December 12, 2012 by Createspace

Pages: 236

Publisher Synopsis: When Southern California radio deejay Desiree Germain hosts a contest on the air, she is immediately taken by the smooth, deeply masculine voice of caller number twelve, Kyle Harrison. Later that afternoon, the man behind the voice walks into her studio, and Desiree is instantly smitten.

Kyle Harrison is not only devastatingly handsome, he is a brilliant, extremely wealthy entrepreneur from Seattle who is used to getting what he wants. Desiree can’t help her attraction to Kyle—and if the intense way he looks at her and keeps delaying his flight back to Seattle is any indication, it seems her feelings are more than reciprocated.

They embark on a thrilling, passionate love affair that plays havoc with the life Desiree has struggled so hard to carefully control. With a divorce under her belt and her career finally going places, she is concerned that their whirlwind romance is doomed to long-distance failure.

 It might take a Maserati, dozens of red roses, and a lot of airplane tickets, but Kyle is determined to sweep Desiree off her feet and claim her as his own—forever. Can Kyle convince Desiree to risk her heart and her career for love?

Sexy, witty, tender, and deeply poignant, Songbird is a page-turning tale that will ignite your senses and bring a smile to your heart.

I put Songbird on my second shelf!

**NOTE:** An eBook of this title was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. However, that did now influence this review in any way.

The Story

Songbird is the newly revised edition of author Syrie James’ first published novel, originally written back in 1985. The story begins with a California based DJ, Desiree Germain, and a heedless on air comment predicting a companies decline in stock.. To her surprise, a call comes in from a smoothing talking, irritated man that just so happens to be the owner of the company she just slammed! Shortly after dealing with this self inflicted uncomfortable situation, the person Desiree least expects to ever see, strolls into her booth and asks her to dinner! Despite her reservations, she agrees and triggers a whirlwind romance with the gorgeous entrepreneur, Kyle Harrison. And I just LOVED that the story setting takes place in mid-1980! I couldn’t help but smile every time I came across the vivid descriptions of the way things were during that point in time..

Thoughts on Kyle and Desiree

Desiree’s past is full of heart ache and disappointment. She’s tried her best to bury her emotions and redirected her focus to her furthering her career. Kyle’s attention and presence upturns her world as she struggles to admit how much she needs and wants him in her life. Desiree is a very well developed character and even though it was incredibly frustrating seeing her push him away, you can’t help but admire her determination to protect both her heart and the radio career she’s worked so hard for.

“No Desiree! she cautioned. He’s gorgeous and witty and incredibly sexy, but for God’s sake, don’t get carried away. Tomorrow he’ll fly back to his work and his life in Seattle, and you’ll be back to your comfortable, uncomplicated.. boring.. lonely.. routine.”

Kyle Harrison is one of the most persistent characters I’ve come across! This man knows exactly what he wants and goes after it relentlessly.

“I felt you respond to me,” he said. “I feel you responding now. You want me as much as I want you. Admit it.”

She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to block out the fiery eyes and sensuous lips so dangerously close to her own. She wanted to say no, but all she managed was: “Kyle, I-”

He cut off her next words with the pressure of his lips…

The Romance

I loved it! Desiree and Kyle had an instantaneous connection right from that first disgruntled phone call on her radio show. The chemistry between them is intense and the love that develops is truly heartwarming.

Final Thoughts

I adore stories that are inspired by or based upon music. Music to me is a necessity in life and helps express thoughts and feelings when spoken words just aren’t enough.. Songbird is such a beautifully written, almost lyrically told story about two people overcoming their fears and the profound love they share for one another. If you’re a fan of the romance genre and share my love of music influenced reads, I definitely recommend you check this book out!

“He loves you. He’s the music in your soul, the one who can set you free. Everything will work out if only you’re together. Nothing else matters. Nothing.”

Happy Reading!


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