April 13, 2013

Title: All I Need

Author: Susane Colasanti

Published: May 21, 2013

Publisher: Viking Juvenile/Penguin

Pages: 240

Goodreads Summary: The last night of summer is only the beginning.

Skye wants to meet the boy who will change her life forever. Seth feels their instant connection the second he sees her. When Seth starts talking to Skye at the last beach party of the summer, it’s obvious to both of them that this is something real. But when Seth leaves for college before they exchange contact info, Skye wonders if he felt the same way she did—and if she will ever see him again. Even if they find their way back to each other, can they make a long-distance relationship work despite trust issues, ex drama, and some serious background differences?

Teen favorite Susane Colasanti returns to the alternating-voice style of her beloved debut When It Happens in this Serendipity-inspired story about summer, soul mates, and the moments that change our lives forever.

  • Christina was left feeling generally disappointed in this novel, and has decided to put it on her third shelf.

**Special Note:** My KP, Stacee from the wonderfully fabulous Adventures of a Book Junkie, let me borrow her ARC of this title. All quotes and opinions will be of this version and not from the published edition. 

The Lowdown: This story is told in alternating POV’s of Skye and Seth. Skye has been staying at her Sea Bright beach house every summer since she was a little girl, and being in love with the idea of love, she always thought she’d meet her dream guy there. Every summer she hopes to make a romantic connection and be swept off her feet, and every summer she’s left with the bitter taste of disappointment.

Seth is a guy that tends to wear his heart of his sleeve, but having recently been burned by love and watching his parents separate, he definitely doesn’t feel like looking for anyone to waltz into his heart. However, that all changes when his mom sends him to his dad’s at  the Jersey seaside because she’s hoping it’ll get him out of the house and over his moping phase from love lost.

Skye and Seth meet at the end of the summer at a beach party. They both feel an instant spark, a sudden connection like they’ve never experienced before. For the last two weeks of their shared summer, they’re inseparable. The fill their days with fun and togetherness, each pushing the dreaded separation at the end of the summer conversation as far from their minds as possible. When Seth has to make an unexpected departure, this tale becomes one of missed connection and longing. Will they find each other again, and if so, will they be able to make a long distance relationship work?

My Thoughts: Dear All I Need, it’s not you, it’s me. Or… maybe it is you? I’m not really sure, the jury’s still out.

Have you ever read a certain author and you feel that it’s not necessarily that their books are bad, that maybe you just aren’t compatible with the author’s writing style? If so, thank you because now I don’t feel so alone. This will be the third book that I’ve tried from Ms. Colasanti that I was left with a general feeling of “meh” over. I”m always drawn in by her premise and cutesy covers, but once I delve into the books, I’m always left wanting more. She has plenty of fans and great book ratings, so I always feel like I’ve just missed the boat on her books.

As far as this specific title goes, I liked the idea of the story– a summer romance, a missed connection, and then the couple reunites and it’s (after a few angsty months) happily ever after. However, I felt like the characters weren’t very fleshed out. I didn’t find them memorable and the writing just didn’t grip me. The conflict in the story seemed contrived and I was generally displeased with how Skye spent her entire school year after that summer pining away for Seth even when she was sort of dating another guy.

Sadly, I think that the idea of the story was way better than it’s execution. That being said, I gave it a three star rating because it wasn’t that the story was horrible– in fact, I’m sure there will be plenty of people that end up loving it– it’s just that it wasn’t the book for me.


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