May 7, 2013

Today is the release day for

Inhale, Exhale
by Sarah M. Ross

Happy Book Birthday!!

To celebrate, we’ve got a
review, information about
the book and a giveaway!!


About the Book:

Jillian had a plan: celebrate the end of her first year of college with an amazing summer full of beaches, barbeques, and bonfires. When her mom insists she needs a summer job, and her boyfriend spends more time with his band than with her, Jillian’s plans go down the drain.

Grant had a plan: finish his Masters, get a great job at Google, and get the hell out of Georgia. He might be giving up some of the fun of his youth, but he knows his all work and no play method would be worth it when his dreams came true.

But things never go according to plan.

When temptation brings them together and tragedy tears them apart, Jillian and Grant will be forced to choose: fight for their dreams, or fight for each other.

About the Author:

Sarah Ross started her obsession with reading at an early age, getting in trouble for sneaking BabySitter Club and Nancy Drew books into math class in elementary school. She would read any fiction book she could get her hands on. Sarah knew it was an addiction when instead of grounding her from TV or music, her mom would take away her books as punishment (The Horror!). Her love of all things paranormal was inspired by her good friend Laurie, who convinced Sarah that books with vampires, witches, and all things shifter were amazing. After a little reluctance, she gave it a shot with the Sookie Stackhouse books, realized she was right, and the rest was history.

Sarah grew up in Pittsburgh, graduated from The University of Pittsburgh with a degree in English, and taught 8th graders to love reading as much as she does for several years. She will always be a proud member of the Steelers Nation, but couldn’t take the cold and moved her frozen tush to Florida where she now lives with her family and two cats. You will find Sarah now with her trusty Kindle in hand and toes in the sand!

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My Review:

This story not only entertained but held some real life truth within it’s pages.  So often we become so comfortable within our lives that we make excuses and write off things that seem out of place because we don’t want to rock the boat.  In this case, Jillian’s life had a plan…she was going to continue to enjoy her friends and her boyfriend and move forward with her life uninterrupted this summer.  Turns out that life had another road for her to take.  Grant also had a plan and no desire to change it…until Jillian entered his life.

Now, you might be saying to yourself “been there, read that”.  But, don’t think that way just yet.  This book was a little bit different.  Yes, there was the romance and the chemistry, but it was also a story that challenged the characters to think outside their preconceived notions about what would happen next in their lives. It allowed them to understand that maybe what they’d settled for wasn’t necessarily in their best interest.  And it made a point that none of us should be blind to the possibilities that exist just outside our comfort zone.

I enjoyed the characters and their interactions with each other.  I must admit that I didn’t always agree with the decisions Jillian made and at times wanted to tell her to get a move on, that the obvious choice was right in front of her.  But at the same time, I appreciated the fact that she didn’t just jump.  Grant was definitely a swoonworthy character…caring and genuine, while still sexy and smart.  And, I have to say that I loved getting this story from both of the POV’s.  It was great to understand what was happening to both of them.

Overall, this was a quick read that was not only enjoyable but that had a good life lesson in my opinion.  Never shut yourself off from the possibilities that life throws at you…they may be the ones worth living for.

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