May 30, 2013

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Today’s Armchair BEA discussion is all about works of fiction that have brought about change in our lives or influenced us in some way. Well, us Litbrarians could speak individually about all the different novels that have impacted us, but the truth is there is ONLY ONE series that holds a special place in our heart forever and ever and most of our regular readers already know the answer. Yes, we’re talking about Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. While some came for the books and others stayed for the movies and actors/actresses, a great percentage of us stuck around because of the fandom and the friendships that they forged during those crazy couple of years. In fact, that’s how this little blog came to be. It’s hard to imagine how us five girls spread throughout North America could have found one another any other way. And I, Christina, may be speaking on behalf of the other girls, but I’d like to think we’re all better for having each other in our lives.

Now, we are five very opinionated ladies with a vast appetite for books, but there’s always one particular feature in a novel that can get us all-in every single time. A bad boy. We like the ones that can corrupt us easily– tatted up, pierced, smooth-talking, rebellious boys.. basically, the naughtier, the better! So, we want to giveaway one of our favorite books featuring some naughty, swoonworthy bad boys to a lucky winner!

UNLEASH THE BAD BOYS! (Book images link to their Goodreads)

There will only be ONE winner selected for this giveaway. That winner can choose from any of the above books or a book from that series.

This contest is open internationally.

Unfortunately at this time, if an International Winner is selected, we’re only able to award INTL winners with an eBook of their choice. If a US winner is chosen, they’ll be able to select either a paper copy or eBook of the title (as long as that book is available in either).

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Good luck and happy BEA!


~The Litbrarians


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