June 7, 2013

Today is our stop on
the blog tour for

The Faerie Prince
by Rachel Morgan

We’re really enjoying this series!
See our review for the first book,
The Faerie Guardian, here!

Title: The Faerie Prince

Series: Creepy Hallow

Author: Rachel Morgan

Published: May 2013

Guardian trainee Violet Fairdale is just weeks away from one of the most important occasions of her life: graduation. After messing up big time by bringing a human into the fae realm, Vi needs to step up her game and forget about Nate if she hopes to graduate as the top guardian of her year. Everything would be fine if she wasn’t forced to partner with Ryn, her ex-friend, ex-enemy, current ‘sort of friend’. They might be trying to patch up their relationship, but does she really want to spend a week undercover with him for their final assignment? On top of that, the possibly insane Unseelie Prince is still on the loose, free to ‘collect’ as many specially talented faeries as he can find—and Vi is still at the top of his list. Add in faerie queens, enchanted storms, complicated not-just-friends feelings, and a murder within the Guild itself, and graduation is about to become the least of Vi’s problems.

**Note: This book was provided to the Book Hookup for review but that did not in any way influence this review!

Ana and Celeste put The Faerie Prince on the top shelf!

Our Review:

Ana: This book begins where the first left of and, just like the initial installment, it gets better as the story progresses. I was glued to each page, enjoying the story and falling in love with the characters all over again! Although there is some action, the focus here is on relationships, character development and preparing the reader for what will undoubtedly be an action-packed third book. The characters are wonderful…they let us in on their thoughts and we learn what makes them tick. I love Violet and her fun internal monologue. She’s smart, sassy and strong. Her graduation means going out into the real world and determining what the future will hold, but, as always, it’s not as easy as it may seem. We see an entirely new side of Ryn and may I just say….sigh! The banter between Vi and Ryn feels so natural and the adventures they find themselves in are great. I enjoyed the descriptions of the magic, the gadgets and of Creepy Hollow tremendously. There’s so much creativity in these books! The bad guys are even meaner this time, the mysteries are greater and the ending…oh, the ending. I found myself staring at the last page not believing it was over. I can’t wait to see where the author takes us next! What a great series!

Celeste: I LOVED THIS BOOK. LOVED! This story truly got better and better with each page I turned. From Violet and Ryn’s romance (oh yes, ladies, Ryn is swoony!!), to the plot, to the double crossings, to the reveals….I never knew what to expect and I loved it! I’m not even sure what I should discuss first because I have all the feels right now, but basically everything I just mentioned!!

Sometimes book 2 in a series is a “filler” book, but this was not the case here. This one was ramped up in every single department and I couldn’t get enough. The MCs really came into their own, and their friendship took the awesome step further that was so natural and really, really good. Like really good. But sadly there wasn’t just time for kissy sessions, there were lives to be saved and bad guys to take down…if Violet and Ryn could figure out exactly who the bad guys were. On the heels of graduating to officially be Guardian’s they were well trained, but still the newbies. Somehow they always seemed to get enough information to conduct some searches on their own, and always end up in the middle of things with never a dull moment.

If you love to keep guessing, love to be surprised, and love romance this series is a must for your TBR list. The ending was fairly “cliffhangerish” *evil eyes Ms. Morgan* so I will be waiting desperately for the next installment.


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