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Ryder and Gavin

Promise Me Darkness by Paige Weaver

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Ryder Gavin

 R A W R!!

Celeste & Amy: Let’s order some drinks first to relax. What will you guys have?
Gavin: *touching the small of Amy’s back as he squeezes next to her at the bar and faces bartender* “I’ll have a Shiner Bock beer if you got it and whatever the lady here wants.”
Ryder: *brushing his arm against Celeste as he leans against the bar* “Shot of Cuervo for me. I think I’ll need it for this interview.” *said with a lopsided grin, his eyes cutting over to Celeste* “What are you drinking, Celeste?”
Celeste: I normally drink white wine, but today I am feeling like tequila shots off someone’s abs. *passes Amy a lime*
Ryder: “Hell, Gavin, what have we got ourselves into? I think these two are going to be a handful.” *raises one eyebrow as he looks Amy and Celeste up and down* “But I’m always up for a challenge, particularly one with two beautiful women. What do you want to know?”

Celeste & Amy: Boxers/briefs/commando?
Gavin: “Boxers.” *takes a drink of his beer, redness flooding his cheeks*
Ryder: *smirks at Gavin’s embarrassment* “Same here – boxers. But going commando sometimes makes it much easier for other activities. I like to be prepared for anything.”
Gavin: “Who are you? Quick draw, McGraw?”
Ryder: “Anytime, anywhere. All Maddie has to do is say the word.”
*Gavin rolls eyes and takes a long drink from his beer*

Celeste & Amy: Gavin, do you have any tattoos? (If so, can we see?) We should probably compare to Ryder’s.
Gavin: *still blushing* “No tattoos.” *lifts shirt just enough to see his tanned six-pack* “Ryder has enough ink for both of us. As an EMT, I saw what people did to their bodies. I don’t want anyone to put a needle next to my skin unless it’s for medical reasons.”
Ryder: *scoffs* “It’s art, Gavin.”
Gavin: “Really, Ryder? Art? What kind of B.S. is that? I know why you got those tats and it wasn’t to make your body an art exhibit for all women to enjoy. Spill the real reason for the ink.”
Ryder: *jaw clenches* “It was a form of rebelling for me. That’s all I’m going to say.”

Celeste & Amy: Guys, tell us about your ideal date.
Gavin: “My ideal date would be taking a woman to dinner, something quiet with candlelight. I’m old school so I want to wine and dine a girl. Something romantic. Something private. Maybe dancing or a movie afterward. Whatever she wants is what I want. When I meet that one special woman, I’ll bend over backwards to give her all the amazing dates I can.”
Ryder: “My ideal date would always involve Maddie. It doesn’t matter what we did or where we went, as long as we were together. But I do wish I had the chance to give her all the dates she deserved. The war took that away from me. If I could go back, I would take Maddie to her favorite restaurant; a little hole in the wall where they served the best hamburgers this side of Texas. We spent many hours there as kids, just talking. It was some of the best times of my childhood. *pauses a second, looking lost in the past* “I would give anything to take her back to that place. Afterward, we would head down to the creek and sit on the bank to watch the fireflies dance around in the moonlight. That’s my idea of a perfect date.”

Celeste & Amy: Gavin, Ryder has had his share of women. Are you willing to share your track record?
Gavin: “I don’t have the track record that Ryder does. Not sure who does. But unlike Ryder, I’m not looking for a ‘slam, bam, thank you, ma’am’ type of relationship. I want more. I’ve had my heart broken a couple of times and I fell pretty hard, pretty fast. For some reason, the women I date all seem to be hell bent on breaking my heart. I’m hoping the right one is still out there.”
Ryder: “She is. Just give it time. Look at me – it took me forever to admit that I loved Maddie. Your time is coming. Just hang in there.”

Celeste & Amy: Are you opposed to booty calls? *slips them phone number*
Gavin: *pockets Amy’s phone number in his jeans* “Booty calls are Ryder’s m.o.” *voice becomes husky* “But with the right woman, I would be there in a second. Ready and willing.”
Ryder: *chuckles at Gavin’s attempt at flirting and signals the bartender for another round of drinks* “A few years ago, booty calls were my norm. I was doing the calling; the women were doing the running. But now only Maddie is allowed to make booty calls. Any time of the day or night.”

Celeste & Amy: Ryder, you are one fierce, protective and possessive dude (and we freakin’ love you!). Have you always been this way? Or is it just for Maddie?
Ryder: “Only for Maddie but I gotta admit; if I love, I love with everything I have. Once I make someone mine, I will protect her with my life and will be willing to die to keep her safe. Even when I was a kid, I was protective of Maddie. I hated to see her upset and when she hurt, I ached. I spent most of my childhood trying to make her smile and laugh. That’s all I wanted for her. When I got older, that want turned into something else entirely. Am I possessive? No. I just know what other men think when they look at Maddie. I’ll be damned if I sit back and let another man near her when they only have one thing on their mind.”

Celeste & Amy: Between the two of you, who would win an arm wrestling match? How about for fun, you guys go at it now (so we can drool)? You might get hot, so we’ll hold your shirts for you.
Ryder: *shakes head, laughing as he tosses back another shot*
Gavin: “Ryder would beat me hands down. I might be the older brother but he has a few pounds of muscle on me. So no thanks, I’ll keep my pride intact.”
Ryder: “Don’t let him fool you, ladies. He’s one sneaky bastard. Like an Indian tracking prey, you won’t hear Gavin until he’s right up on you.” *gets closer to Celeste and whispers in her ear* “Then again, maybe that’s what you would like – a sneak attack. You would never know what hit you until it was too late and by then you would be at his mercy.”
Gavin: “Nice, Ryder.”
Ryder: *shrugs shoulders* “Just trying to help you out, bro.”

Celeste & Amy: Gavin, we only began to learn about you in Promise Me Darkness. Can you tell us a little more? Are you and Ryder a lot alike? Do you have commitment issues?
Gavin: “I’m three years older than Ryder and was once an EMT in Dallas. That was before the war. I would like to go back to that life but I don’t know if it will ever happen. I left a whole life behind when I ran that day.” *clears his throat* “Anyway, Ryder and I are nothing alike. He’s uptight; I’m easy going. I’m a talker; he’s a fighter. He’s been afraid to love; I love too easily. I got out of our one horse town as soon as possible. Ryder stuck around for Maddie. But we both are very protective of our family. I would like to think that I don’t have commitment issues like Ryder but as much as I’ve been burned, I don’t know, maybe I do.”
Ryder: “He does, trust me.”

Celeste & Amy: Who’s more ripped? (Again.. can we see? You know… just to make sure you guys are telling the truth and stuff…)
Gavin: “Ryder’s more ripped. Show them.” *nods toward Ryder’s chest*
Ryder: *growls low* “What are you doing, Gavin? Trying to get me in trouble?”
Gavin: “Come on, show them. Maddie won’t care.”
Ryder: “Like hell she won’t. I’m not undressing in a bar. I draw the line at that.”
Gavin: “Wow. You have morals? When did this happen?” *one corner of his mouth raises up in a smirk*
Ryder: “I think you can’t handle your alcohol, Gavin. How many have you had? Two? One too many for you, Mr. Lightweight, because it’s got you talking shit.”
Gavin: “Whatever, dude. Okay, ladies. Next question.”

Celeste & Amy: Any hobbies? Interests?
Gavin: “I love my job. Or loved my job, I guess I should say. Something about saving people as an EMT made me appreciate life more. I also like hanging out on the ranch with my dad. I really missed that time outdoors when I moved to Dallas. The country life and the ranch are in my blood. When you have all that land, you don’t need hobbies. Nature is your hobby.”
Ryder: “Yeah, working around the ranch is my favorite thing to do. There seems to be something satisfying and rewarding with working the land with my bare hands, just like my great grandparents did before me. I seem to have a way with cattle and horses that come naturally but I denied it for a long time. I thought I needed to be in the city, surrounded by crowds and people. Bars, fighting, and women were my interests for a long time. That’s not what I want now. Surviving the war and living off of the land have become my new interest and hobby. We don’t have much time for anything else.”

 Celeste & Amy: Ryder, when did you first realize your feelings for Maddie?
Ryder: “I’ve loved Maddie since we were little kids. At first, it was love between two friends but somewhere along the way, maybe in high school, my love for her grew. I fought it tooth and nail. No matter how many women I…” *clears throat* “…slept with, I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I did everything in my power to ignore what I felt but it was no use. I loved her. I now know that I always did and always will.”

Celeste & Amy: *mentally flash back to this:*

Celeste & Amy: Gavin, you also seem very protective of Maddie. What was your relationship with her growing up? Did you guys spend time together or was she just Ryder’s friend?
Gavin: *looks at Ryder nervously* “I grew up around Maddie also but she was much younger than me. Six years to be exact. So when I was in high school, she was still in elementary school. That’s a huge difference. Her and Ryder were much closer. They were always together, I mean, always. After school he could be found at her house and in the summers, they were inseparable. When you found one, the other wasn’t too far away. I didn’t really understand it at the time but she was his best friend from the moment they met. By the time I made trips home from Dallas to visit, the age difference between Maddie and me didn’t matter. She was in college by then. I saw her more as a woman.” *ignores Ryder’s warning glare* “We partied some but Ryder was always with us, making sure I behaved. Can’t say he didn’t have a reason to worry. I always thought Maddie was gorgeous. She’s strong and smart. Ryder’s lucky to have her. Any man would be.”

Celeste & Amy: How has the war changed you both? Has it made you more serious?
Ryder: “Hell, it changed everything about me. Nothing has been the same since. Every moment of our lives was consumed with trying to live and survive. My view on life changed the moment the country went dark. I no longer was concerned about hitting the next bar; the only thing that mattered was getting Maddie home in one piece. The war taught me that life shouldn’t be taken for granted. I almost lost Maddie a couple of times. If that had happened, I would be a shell of a man now. I’m not sure how I could have gone on. Maddie, my child, my family – those things are important because they can be taken from you in a blink of an eye. Nothing else matters.”
Gavin: “This war definitely made me more serious. Before I always saw the good in everyone, which was sometimes hard to do as an EMT. I treated my share of gunshot wounds and knife stabbing victims but I still held onto the belief that people were whole-heartedly good. The war changed all that. Hunger, disease, thirst, the threat of death – it brought out the worst in humans. It sobered me up quick to the reality of our situation. We would have to fight to survive. It was either us or them and it wasn’t going to be me or my family. So, yeah, it changed me drastically.”

Celeste & Amy: Blondes or brunettes? (good news, guys! Amy is blonde and Celeste is brunette. It’s WIN!)
Gavin: “Blondes. Definitely.” *grins at Amy* “But brunettes are damn sexy too.” *eyes Celeste with appreciation*
Ryder: “I’ve had my share of both but there’s only one woman for me and she’s brunette – Maddie. She’s all I need.”

Celeste & Amy: Thanks so much guys!! We might be even more in love with you. Can’t wait to see what happens in Promise Me Light!

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