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Amy A. Bartol author of The Premonition Series


*Litbrarians run around in circles trying to calm themselves*

All 4 of the fellas are in the house!

 Litbrarians: Let’s start with drinks. *The Litbrarians sadly put away the tequila since they have been told body shots are off the table. (Christina sneaks a shot anyway because holy hell these dudes are hot.)* What are you guys having?
Reed:  Cognac please.  Thank you.
Brennus:  I brought me own, tanks. *displays blood in an elegant wine bottle for them to see* ’Tis vintage—a few tousand years old.
Russell:  *wrinkles his nose at Brennus before giving Christina a boyish grin* How do ya like him now?  Johnnie Walker Red for me, thanks.
Xavier:  *holds up his hand* Nothing for me, thank you.

Celeste: Reed, Evie is bound to you. Don’t you get pissy that the rest of them won’t buzz off and get a hint? Find their own woman?
Reed:  I understand the attraction each of them has to Evie.  She is exceptional.  To answer your question, though, I have to say yes.  I am finding it difficult not to react to the singular one-mindedness that some have displayed for my aspire.  If they truly love her, they will respect her choice.  She chose me.
Celeste: I knew it!! *fist pump*
Brennus:  Ye can na protect her, aingeal. She chose ye tinking dat ye could.  She needs a true champion.  I’ll be dat for her.
Xavier:  I almost feel bad for you both.  Neither of you knows Evie, and because of that, she’ll destroy you.  Pray to end up with Evie and she may give you Heaven, but you’ll never get to keep her.  The time you’ve spent with her is a drop in the ocean compared to what we’ve shared and, unlike Russell, I remember every moment of it—in Paradise and on Earth.
Reed:  Challenge me for her, Xavier, and those memories end here.
Xavier:  Don’t tempt me, Power.  Our time will come.
Litbrarians: *each one raises an eyebrow* woah…Xavier, our interest is peaked *fans selves*… are so…so….yah, proper, controlled. *giggles all around* Um, we’ll be here for you when you need to unleash and let it all go.

Ana: *Ana rolls her eyes at Celeste*…Russ, we know that Anya is part of your life now (by the way, Anya is really close to Ana…don’t you think?!!?).  *Ahem*…sorry about that.  Tell us how this has changed your relationship with Evie.
Russell:  I love Evie—that’ll never change.  She’s my soul mate—a part of me.  I can tell her things that I can’t even admit to myself, and she…*shakes his head* …she understands me, like no one else can.  She’s my best friend.  I want her to be a part of my life.  Always.  The situation with Anya is…complicated.  She says she’s my aspire—my angelic wife, which was a shock ‘cuz I can’t even remember her.  But when I’m near her…good Lord, she drives me crazy.  She’s karma in the flesh, and right now, she’s fixin’ to karma the crap outta me.
Amy: *chants TEAM RUSSELL loudly over at the bar while getting the guys more shots*
Russell:  *nudges Reed’s shoulder and murmurs* I have fans here. Can you believe that?
Reed:  *deadpan*  No, I can’t.

Litbrarians: If you guys were to spar who would win?
All of them in unison:  Me.

Litbrarians: Would you guys consider playing twister with the Litbrarians? We love games! Hey if twister is out what about that 7 minutes in heaven game? It’s played in a closet, right?
Russell:  *looks around at the blank stares on the faces of Reed, Xavier, and Brennus* Urr, y’all… *lifts his thumb towards them and shakes his head* …the angels and the evil freak don’t know what you’re talkin’ ‘bout.  I’d try to explain it to them, but we don’t have that kind of time.

Litbrarians: What kind of music do you listen to?  What CD would you play if you were on a romantic date…with the lights down low and a decadent, whipped cream laden, dessert in front of you….
Reed:  I like Matthew Mayfield’s album Irons in the Fire or Ed Sheehan’s The A Team album.  Evie always kisses me when she hears “Fire Escape” by Matthew Mayfield.  I’m not sure why, but I don’t question it.
Russell:  The Black Keys.  All their albums, but “Howlin’ For You” reminds me of Anya. 
Brennus:  “Grounds For Divorce” is one o’ me favorite tracks from Elbow.
Xavier:  Tom Odell’s “I Can’t Pretend” off his album Songs From Another Love.  I think it says it all.

Amy: *cough* I am a pastry chef, so I’m, umm, VERY willing to make dessert *on* each one of you… OMG. I mean FOR each one of you… Unlesssssssssssss… ???
Reed:  *smiles*  Can you make Twinkies?  It’s been awhile since I had one.
Russell:  I’m achin’ for some Red Velvet Cake—with thick cream cheese frostin’ and an entire gallon of milk ‘cuz it makes me thirsty.
Brennus:  I do na eat pastries, Amy, but I can make it so ye feel like ye had da best dessert o’ yer life if dat’s whah ye’d like.
Xavier:  Milkshake…a chocolate milkshake.  Evie and I used to share one on the nights we closed the ice cream parlor where we worked in high school.
Brennus:  Where was dat?
Xavier:  *scowls*  Why? So you can buy it?
Brennus:  *a slow smile graces his lips and he arches his eyebrow*  Dat’s da general idea.
Xavier:  *without a hint of emotion*  Too late.  I already own it.

Litbrarians: boxers / briefs / commando?
Russell:  Commando.  *sees the amused grins on the Litbrarians’ faces*  What? Ahhh…y’all know there’s never any time to do laundry, right?  I mean…I’m fightin’ evil freaks all the time here!  I’m lucky if I find jeans that fit me.
Reed:  Boxers.
Brennus:  Boxers.  Dere is no excuse for na maintaining a certain caliber of dress.  Unless ye’re locked in a cell for days, den ye have an excuse.
Xavier:  Ask your next question before I kill him.  *indicates Brennus with a sharp gesture of his chin*

Litbrarians: Who has the most tattoos? Show us! Show us!
Brennus:  I have several.  *rolls up his sleeve so the Litbrarians can see the intricately scrolling Faerie writing on his bicep*  Faeries have enchanted markings dat appear as tattoos ta map our lives, our battles…victories.  Gancanagh have other markings—dey’re na tattoos.  ’Tis magic.  *laughs*  Da aingeals ca na get tattoos.  Dere skin heals and da ink disappears.
*Christina hops up on the bar and scoots closer to Brennus* Can I see those? *traces the script around his bicep* These are really, really…sexy.
Reed:  I have a tattoo of sorts. It’s really a binding mark, though. *he pulls the tails of his pressed shirt from his dress pants and unbuttons it. he shows the Litbrarians the image of Evie’s crimson wings stretched across his heart*
Celeste: *tries to pick her jaw up off the floor*
Brennus:  *straightens the cuff of his immaculate shirt.*  Ye’ll na have it much longer, aingeal.  When I kill ye, I’ll cut it from yer skin.
Reed:  *his lip twitches as he holds back a smile*  You’re welcome to try.
Russell:  *snorts in derision*  I got nothin’ on me, which seems to annoy Anya since she has a bindin’ mark of my wings above her heart.
Xavier:  *ignores Russell as he eyes the mark on Reed’s chest*  Don’t get used to it, Power.
Reed:  *buttons his shirt*  Come try to take it from me, Seraph.

Litbrarians: How do you guys work off stress? Because there is so much action going on you must need to blow off steam somehow. Do you want to show us how you lift weights…or maybe do some push-ups?
Russell:  Zee and I train together. It helps.  But stress is my life now, especially with Anya around.  She doesn’t listen to anythin’ I say.  She’s not like other females.  She’s made to get under my skin…and she does.
Reed:  Evie finds ways to take away my stress.
Xavier: *growls*
Brennus:  I can na be stressed wi’ Evie.  I’ve found a way into her dreams and now she shares her nights wi’ me.
Reed: *growls*

Litbrarians: What do you guys think when Amy writes a chapter in your POV? Does she capture your emotions? Or do you feel exposed?
Russell:  Shoot! I wake Amy up in the middle of the night talkin’ to her!  She gets annoyed with me.  She fights me and wants to go back to sleep, but if I keep talkin’, she eventually gets up and writes down whatever I’m sayin’.  She’s funny like that.  I sometimes have to nag her to do it.  She wastes so much time—she thinks she has to answer every single person who posts somethin’ on her Facebook page.  She should be writin’.  When I’m tellin’ the story, it gets done.
Brennus:  Amy has na allowed me ta tell me own story, yet.  She keeps saying dat if she lets me tell it, I’ll kill all o’ da aingeals.  She may have a point dere, but I may persuade her ta let me have a go at it soon.  Perhaps in Iniquity ye’ll hear da story from me point of view.
Reed:  I don’t always share what I’m thinking or feeling with Amy.  I make her work for it.  She did a decent job writing the chapter in Incendiary from my perspective, but she needs more practice.  I’m going to allow her to try again in Iniquity.
Xavier:  Amy hasn’t attempted to write from my point of view, yet.  She will in Iniquity.  She also has plans to write a prequel that will encompass my life with Evie in high school.  It remains to be seen if she’ll be able to capture the essence of our story from my perspective.

Litbrarians: What are your relationships like with Amy? Who is closest to her? Who talks to her the most? Do you ever confide naughty thoughts to her that you might want to share with us?
Russell:  I think I’m the closest to Amy.  She and I are a lot alike in that we’ll both fall on our swords for someone we love.  I talk to her the most.  It started in chapter 3 of Inescapable.  She hadn’t planned for me to be in the story.  She was surprised when I started talkin’ to Evie on the walk to the barbeque at Arden Lake.  She didn’t know Evie had a soul mate until that moment.  Since then, it’s often times me tellin’ her our story.  She likes my humanity—my flaws—the way I turn my weaknesses into strengths.  She laughs out loud at things that I say.  I think I amuse her the most.
Brennus:  Amy loves me da most or I’d be gone.  ’Tis as simple as dat.  I tink she tries ta fight it—she wants ta be good—ta love da aingeals most, but she has a dark side dat’s drawn ta da macabre…ta me.  I seduce her and she lets me.  She intended ta kill me so many times, but she never has.  I tink she longs for me redemption even more dan her readers do.  Whah she does na truly kin is dat da reason she loves me da way dat she does is because I’m wicked.  She loves me because I will na bend ta her will; I make her bend ta moin.
Reed:  I’m Amy’s most enigmatic character.  I’m not one to share my feelings with anyone; it’s not in my nature.  I’m a Power angel—a soldier.  It’s been a challenge for me to let her in.  I think I have earned her respect.  She admires my unwavering love for Evie, even in the face of adversity, especially when the odds are not in my favor.  She likes me with Evie because our love is untainted—pure.  She knows that I will stop at nothing to protect Evie.  She counts on it.
Xavier:  I frighten Amy the most.  She knows that I have the very real potential to change everything.  That scares her.  She knows that when she tells my story it will be compelling.  It could eclipse everything that has come before it.  If that happens, she may not be able to end her series with Iniquity.  Her readers are clamoring for closure—a happily ever after.  It’s not in Amy’s nature to seek a happily ever after for every character.  She doesn’t see things in black and white. Good or Evil.  She breathes in the story—she lives here in our world as she writes it.  It plays out the way it plays out: unplotted…and I intend to make it my own.

Litbrarians: Do you guys think you have overwhelmed Evie with your intense love for her?
All of them in unison: Yes

Litbrarians: Do you just feel inclined to keep fighting for her even though she is with Reed?
Russell:  Evie is my best friend and I’ll always protect her, but I have my hands full with Anya at the moment.  I’ve come to terms with Reed and Evie bein’ together.  I’d rather see her with him than with the evil freak—‘cuz, yeah, that’s not happenin’.  *scowls at Brennus*
Reed:  *murmurs* Thanks, Russell.
Russell:  *holds up his knuckles to Reed*  Help me out with Anya and we’re good, Reed.
Reed: Done.  *his fist bumps Russell’s*
Brennus:  I’ll have me nights wi’ Genevieve ta convince her dat she has only one choice: me.
Reed:  Evie is my aspire. I will always fight for her.
Xavier:  *looks bored*  When Evie remembers me, I won’t have to fight.  All of this will be moot. 

Christina: Well, since Celeste would never show favoritism to any one character (HA!), I’ll ask a question. A lot of things shifted at the end of Incendiary, *looks particularly at Brennus,* do you think this shift was to your benefit or disadvantage?
Brennus:  Everyting dat’s happened of late has been ta me advantage, but da fact dat Evie gave me limitless new powers is telling.  Me magic has never been so potent.  She needs a god o’ war so she created one.  Me.  I have me wings back because of her.  ’Twas no accident.  She may na want ta admit it, but she tried ta heal me, na kill me—me wings could na have been mended any other way.
Russell:  Anyone got a stake I can drive through his heart?
Brennus:  Ye’ll need more dan a stake, da other.
Russell:  I know, psycho, I just want it for effect.

Litbrarians: Weapon(s) of choice?
Reed:  I like push daggers; they’re hand-held blades shaped like T’s.  They’re somewhat similar to brass knuckles, but with blades attached to them.  Push daggers allow for close combat.  They’re very intimate weapons.
Russell:  I prefer a Claymore.  It’s a long, heavy broadsword.  I wish I could find the one that Evie gave me in the 12th century; it was a favorite of mine.
Brennus:  Me favorite weapon used ta be me skin.  It contained a narcotic so dat when I touched another being, she’d be enthralled and do whahever I demanded. Of late, however, after da transformation I went trough wi’ Genevieve, it’s na da same as ’twas.  Now I tink it’s me fangs dat are me first choice of weapon.
Xavier:  I like to use my mind.  I find it’s not the strongest one who wins, nor the fastest. Usually, it’s the smartest one who wins…and I intend to win.

Litbrarians: We know above all else that you all want Evie’s companionship and love, but separate from that, what do you want for/from her?
Russell:  I want to be able to share my life with Evie.  She’s the first person I want to talk to when somethin’ amazin’ happens.  *gives a rueful smile*  It’s almost like it hasn’t happened if I can’t tell her ‘bout it.  *holds his hand to his chest*  She understands my soul ‘cuz she shares a piece of it—we’re cut from the same cloth.  I never want to lose her friendship.
Brennus:  For centuries, every wan dat I’ve touched has become a willing, compliant shell for me.  Dey’ll do me bidding wi’out question.  Evie is da only being dat I’ve met who retains her spirit, her fight, her adversarial qualities.  She does na lose herself ta me.  Dat’s what I want.  I crave her strength of character.  I want her ta sass me and use her clever mind.  I want her ta be me partner in all tings.  I want her ta be me queen.
Xavier:  Evie and I share a history that none of you can even fathom.  What do I want from her?  I want it all back.  Everything.  I want her to remember me.  I want to set her heart on fire like I used to and feel her hips rise against me when I kiss her lips.  I need her to remember me.
Reed:  I want Evie to be happy—blissfully and completely happy.  I’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Litbrarians: Thank you so much for stopping by The Book Hookup! We can’t wait to see where this story goes, and we have a feeling there’s a lot more telling to be done!!

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