July 18, 2013

Blogiversary Week Day 5!

We are THRILLED to spotlight

Addison Moore

Today we are freaking out lucky and CRAZY excited to have
2 of the smexiest guys from Paragon Island stop by:

Logan Oliver & Gage Oliver

We know Logan and Gage from the AWESOME Celestra Series AND Ethereal Knights (the guys’ POVs, yes that’s right, their side of the story) by Addison Moore, New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author.

The Celestra Series

Litbrarians – Who is on the cover of Ethereal Knights? We want to make sure you didn’t use a model, so you will both need to take off your shirts so we can accurately compare.

Logan  – That would be me.

Gage – That would be you and photo shop.

Logan – You’re right. They cut my biceps in half.

Litbrarians – You boys seem to have a little *cough a lot cough * of sex on the brain….did you filter AT ALL when you were telling Addison your story? Or are your thoughts even naughtier than that? Tell us EVERYTHING. Please.

Gage – That would also be him.

Logan – Please—I read that filth spewing from your brain. And, no, I’m pretty much an open book. My nephew here obviously has a hormonal overflow he’s ruminating over at all hours of the day.

Celeste – Logan, how do you feel that I’m the only one from The Book Hookup who is on your team? (Can you BELIEVE Ana, Amy & Jag??) You must feeling like rewarding me by letting me rub your pecs and abs giving me a hug, right?

Gage – *laughs*

Logan – What the hell are you laughing at? *directs attention to Celeste* Thank you. Sounds like you’re the smart one. *Offers firm, strong hug*

Gage – Or the nearsighted one.

Celeste – *closes eyes, leans in and inhales all the deliciousness that is Logan Oliver*

Litbrarians – What is it about Skyla that drives you boys wild? We knew she was pretty, but then when we read your POVs it turns out she was stunning. Is there more than just her beauty that attracts you?

Logan – She is stunning, more so than words could ever say and 99.9% of that comes from the inside. *socks Gage playfully in the arm* Gage just thinks she’s hot.

Gage  – Right. *averts eyes* Skyla is amazing. She has a potency in her that demands your attention. When she steps into the room, everyone is at attention.

Logan – When you say everyone you’re talking about the general and two colonels in your pants, right?

Gage  – Dude.

Litbrarians – Will we ever learn more about Chloe from you boys? Why didn’t you tell Skyla more about her?

Logan – Chloe Bishop… *Looks to Gage* That would be your territory right? Don’t you sit around your room at night writing dark poetry to her?

Gage – Shut up. It’s you who sends her crotch shots nightly.

Logan- No, actually, I only send those to you.

Gage – All right. Seriously, I don’t have anything to say about Chloe. Chloe is a head case that has about as much material as an entire set of encyclopedias. She’s a bit twisted.

Logan – Lucky for you, she’s twisted in your direction.

Gage – That she is.

Litbrarians – Are you opposed to a 3-some? jk!! (not really, just answer for us ladies at BH and we swear we won’t print it) *crosses fingers behind their backs*Were you both surprised by the level of competition between the two of you? Or has it always been like this?

Logan – Threesome? *looks to Gage* Weren’t you just setting one up with Lex and Chloe?

Gage – *dimples go off no smile* Threesomes are something you’re going to need to take the pain away once I’m with Skyla.

Ana – Gage…you’re obviously more popular with the Book Hookup girls…and we learned in this book that the girls call you Orgasm Oliver *giggles and bites lip*…how does that make you feel?

Gage – I don’t even know what to say to that.

Logan – I think instead of hello, you should say, you’re welcome.

Gage –  I’ll be honest, I’m flattered. And please tell The Book Hookup girls thank you. On Paragon it’s Logan who seems to make girls lose their panties. 

Logan – Is that why I see your panties lying around all over the house? * kicks Gage’s foot*

Gage – You wish.

Litbrarians – How hard is it for both of you to keep the secret about your actual relationship to each other?

Logan  – I’ve always felt Gage was more of a brother to me than anything else. Barron and Emma for sure feel like parents. This is my nuclear family as I know it.

Gage – My dad thought we should stick to cousins. People don’t blink at that. He thought people might talk if we tried to pass as brothers. He didn’t want anyone to question my mother’s reputation.

Logan – Emma’s a saint. I wouldn’t want that either.

Litbrarians – Who talks to Addison the most? How did you feel when she wanted to tell your side of the story and write Ethereal Knights? Were you excited or did you feel exposed?

Logan  – I felt good about it—especially when she mentioned she was going to give us a 50/50 split as far as the point of views go. I still think Gage gets painted as more of a wounded soul than he is. I think maybe that’s why so many readers are swayed by him and his baby blues. But, then again, he’s been incorporating unconventional warfare by infiltrating Addison’s dreams, and I’m not privy to what really goes on there.

Gage – Whoa. Don’t go there, dude. She’s married. Besides, my heart and dirty dreams belong exclusively to Skyla. And, to answer your question, I did think it was a good representation of how I felt, although I was pretty embarrassed about the poetry making the final cut. I was kind of hoping she wouldn’t put those in.

Litbrarians – Have you guys agreed to tell Addison more of your story?  Will you be sharing more secrets with her and with us?

Logan  – I’d be up for it.

Gage – I know she’s kicked the idea with us, and I’d be OK with it.

Logan – She did mention the new series Celestra Forever After would have multiple point of views so we could get heard that way as well.

Gage – I’m good either way.

Litbrarians – Please describe yourselves…and then each other in 3 words or less.

 Logan – Damn unlucky

Gage – Damn lucky

Logan – *blinks a wry smile at Gage* Grateful

Gage – You’re lucky, dude and you know it.

Logan – You’re right. I’ve got all the best people in my life, starting with you and Skyla.

Gage – That’s better.

Litbrarians – What music would do you enjoy?  And, just between us, what would you play to get a girl…ummm…in the right mood?

Logan – Metal—and smooth jazz

Gage – Smooth jazz? You’re showing your age. * thinks about it* on second thought, you keep playing that smooth jazz. As for me, I prefer the heart-on-the-sleeve type of music, some rustic folk with a touch of rock—as for girls, I’d make the crickets sing the National Anthem if Skyla wanted them to.

Logan – The National Anthem? *grinds his palm into his eye and laughs* You keep playing the National Anthem. I’m not too worried about your alone time with her anymore.

Gage- It was an analogy.

Logan – It was a bad one.

Litbrarians – Are there any job openings at the bowling alley? We are very hard workers!!

Logan — Will you work for pizza? If you’re game I’ve got you covered.

Gage — That sounds about right. That’s all he pays me.

Logan  — Well, girls, it looks like that’s the end of our interview. (Stands and hugs the girls from the Book Hookup). Thank you. I hope I didn’t come across as too much of an ass. Things have been pretty tense on the island and I wanted to keep it light.

Gage — Ignore him, he likes being an ass. *Hugs the girls goodbye* If you girls ever need a place to stay on Paragon, I’m sure my parents would love to have you over.

Logan – Or there’s a Sector with a twenty-two room estate that might be interested in entertaining you. Although, if I were you I’d steer clear. He’s no angel.

Gage — Come around again, Skyla would love to see you. We should all go out to dinner sometime.

Logan — Let’s do it. *slaps Gage on the back* It’s on Gage.

Litbrarians – Logan and Gage, thank you so much for stopping by the Book Hookup. We might be crushing on you harder than ever now.

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