♥ a paperback copy of Sweet Evil with signed Book Plate,  Signed Sweet Evil-Sweet Peril Bookmark and Awesome Package of 2 Drumstick Pencils (US & Canada Only)

♥ a paperback copy of Sweet Evil with signed Book Plate and Signed Sweet Evil-Sweet Peril Bookmark (US & Canada Only)

♥ a signed Book Plate and Signed Sweet Evil-Sweet Peril Bookmark (US, Canada & International)

We are super excited to have a fun interview with K-Squared, that’s Kaidan and Kope,  from The Sweet Series by Wendy Higgins!




Thanks so much Kaidan and Kope for taking the time to sit down and answer some questions for us. We’re absolutely thrilled to get this time with you both.

Jag: Clearly the arrival of Anna has had a profound impact on both of your lives, can you tell us what your first impression of Anna was?

Kaidan – I was confused. No Neph could possibly be that innocent and clueless.

Kope – I could sense her genuine good nature immediately, and I felt much hope for our kind.


Jag: You have a pretty tight circle of Neph friends both male and female, what was it about Anna that had you reacting differently to her than to the other female Nephs?

Kaidan – She was different. Sweet and not jaded.

Kope – Yes. Anna has this way of looking at you deeply, as if she is seeing all the things nobody else is able to see. She is a soul searcher. Without judgement.

Kaidan – *grudgingly glares at Kope*  Yeah, what he said.

Jag: It’s clear that Anna is filled with goodness but she has also had to learn to embrace her bad side in order to do her ‘job’. Do you find yourself more drawn to Anna’s good side or her bad side?

Kaidan and Kope (simultaneously) – Both.  *eye each other with menace*

Kope – I would be lying if I said her bad side did not affect me, but knowing she feels much guilt makes me empathize with her. I understand the guilt.

Kaidan – There’s something incredibly sexy about watching this careful girl completely let go. She always knows when to reign it in, which is actually quite maddening, but in that moment when she gives in to the darkness, mmm.

Kope – *frowns*

Kai – *grins*

Jag: The arrival of Anna has clearly thrown a little extra heat into the Neph world of both you boys, can you describe what your life was like before meeting Anna in 3 words and after meeting Anna in 3 words.

Kope – Before: Dark, lonely, lackluster. After: Bright, hopeful, and shining.

Kaidan – *stares at Kope as if to say “Seriously, mate??”*  *sighs*  Ugh, okay. Before: Simple, bleak, unfulfilling. After: Frustrating, frightening,…*shoots warning glare at Kope* …and worthwhile.

Jag: Before Anna came along, it was business as usual for you Kai, in and out of lives, in and out of beds… How difficult was it to do your ‘job’ after meeting Anna and did your attitude towards it change?

Kaidan – Nothing was the same after I met Anna. Nothing. My mind was royally fu— er, screwed. I could look at nothing the same anymore.

Jag: You’re born into your sin but if you could change your sin to any other one, which would you change it to?

Kaidan – *shakes head*  They all blow.

Kope – *nods in agreement*

Kaidan – Maybe Shax or Jezebet – stealing or lies. *Ponders*  Nah. None of ‘em.

Jag: If you had the choice to be a regular human but you would NEVER get the chance to know Anna, would you do it?

Kaidan and Kope (simultaneously) – No.  *more glaring*

Kope – *shrugs* She is a good person. And she introduced me to Zania.

Kaidan – *relaxing*  Good answer, mate.

Jag: Kaidan and Kope, how awkward was that plane ride to get Zania? Care to share any details…

*both guys tense*

Kope – *clearing his throat*  The travels to Syria were unpleasant for many reasons.  We kept to ourselves and tried to focus on the mission.

Kaidan – *nods, lips pursed*  We didn’t speak on the way there.  It was a long flight.

Jag: Finally, when you think about Anna and the situation the Neph are in, what truly scares you? And what truly excites you?

Kope – losing any of our allies is my fear.  I wish for none to suffer.  And I believe I speak for our entire group when I say the only positive prospect is being able to live our lives on earth without the Dukes or whisperers. To have them gone would mean freedom for our kind.

Kaidan – *is quiet and contemplative*  Yeah. I only wish Anna was not meant to be the one.

Kope – *whispers* Yes.

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