Title: Neither
Author: Chelsea M. Cameron
Series: The Noctalis Chronicles
Publisher: self-published Published: August 30, 2012


From the Publisher: For Ava-Claire Sullivan, it’s bad enough that loving vampire Peter Mackintire might kill him the rest of the way. His equally immortal mother keeps trying to murder her so Di won’t lose another of her precious sons.

A promise Peter made nearly a hundred years ago means loving someone will kill him. Ava’s done her best to either end her own feelings or stifle his, but she’s losing; he’s falling harder for her every night. She hasn’t found a way to free him of his promise yet, and it’s almost too late.

But her own terminally ill mother is dying fast, and now Ava-Claire is forced to choose between the last days of her mother’s life and freeing Peter as they wait for Di to come up with yet another plan to destroy their love, and Ava’s life.

**I received a copy of this book from the publisher,
but that did not influence the review**

First Thoughts: 4 stars I love this creepy and haunting story. Great installment. .

Plot, Pacing and Style: Ava-Claire has so much on her plate I almost felt overwhelmed. Her mother’s cancer is terminal, the love of her life, Peter, can’t love Ava or it might end him, and her own immortality is on the line. This story continues with the search for finding a way out of the binds so Peter can be free, and at the same time try to cope with her mother dying.

The pacing was a little slow, even though I read the book quickly. It seemed like it took a very long time for the plot to take any steps forward. However, the slow pace also allowed me to jump back into the story since I had read book 2 a while back and I was able to catch up without feeling confused. The story was told in alternating POVs: Ava, Peter, and Brooke. .

The MCs: I adored Peter and Ava, and I adored their relationship. Both of them are totally loyal and selfless. I think Peter’s strength was amazing, even his thoughts were so controlled. I would love to see him lose it, because I bet it would be HOT. Ava wasn’t as strong as Peter, but he gave her the strength to become the person she wanted to be.

I should also mention some of the secondary characters here. I cannot stand Tex as she is just pure annoying and phony. Honestly, she had no added value to the story. I don’t even think Ava likes her. There must be a reason though, that she is kept in the storyline so I will be patient and see what happens with her. Jamie and Brooke were a storyline I wasn’t expecting, and I loved both of them and their blossoming romance. I really hope we get to see more of them in the 4th book. .

Romance /Chemistry: Killing me!!! I know, I know. It had to go that way, but RAWR. Holy UST. I’m ready to dive into the next book now, it’s gonna be good!!!


Title/Cover: I love both. The title is perfect as neither choice is good. The cover is gorgeous; dark, soft, romantic, and full of feeling without even kissing. It really captures Ava and Peter so well.


Ending: Hold me. It was so emotional, so sad….even though I knew it was coming. But then there was lightness and hope, and I loved that part of it. “It’s always darkest before the dawn”.


Gripes/suggestions: I wish it had been a little faster paced and Tex grated on me. But really, this is all nit-picky stuff…I loved it.


Final Thoughts/Rec It? Yes yes yes. I love dark and creepy stories, and this is a great one.

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