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 Title: Everything Between Us
Mila Ferrera

November 5th 2013
 New Adult, Romance

Synopsis: Daniel’s got everything figured out. He makes a good living as an artist … mostly through offering “private shows” to the wives of local wealthy businessmen. He never stops playing the game and never lets anyone touch his heart. But when his current fling offers him a few hundred an hour for art lessons for her reclusive, college-dropout daughter, Daniel finds himself forgetting his own rules. The girl is rude. Insulting. Incredible.

And she sees straight through him.

Stella is hiding from the world, not because she wants to, but because crippling panic attacks await her every time she tries to live a normal life. She’s determined to push everyone–including her handsome new art teacher—away. But Daniel makes it utterly impossible. The guy is irritating. Mocking. Magnetic.

And makes her want things she knows she can never have.

What starts as a battle of wills turns into passion, where giving in means facing the things that scare them most.

**We received a copy of this book for the blog tour
but that did not influence the review**
Celeste and Ana will put Everything Between Us on their top shelf!
First Thoughts:
Celeste: 4.5 stars What a story! Dark and gritty…and a little crazy! Loved it!
Ana5 stars  Great read…couldn’t put it down!
Plot, Pacing and Style:
Celeste: I definitely love reading about characters that are “damaged goods”, and Everything Between Us is chock full of baggage. The opening scene is something else so I knew from page 1 that this book was danced over the line with so many issues…and I loved it. The pacing was perfect. I read the entire book in one sitting and went to bed at 1 am, so that should tell you it was a total page turner. 🙂 This had the dual POVs and on the outside it appeared that Stella was so broken, but this way we learned that she was trying to be strong. The same can be said for Daniel, but in reverse; he appeared so confident, yet chapters from his POV showed us his vulnerability
Ana:  This was a very different story from anything I’ve read.  I really enjoy alternating POVs and, because of the plot, it was great to be able to understand the depth of emotions being experienced by these characters.  The pace was perfect…the writing, smooth.  The reader is provided with just enough information to understand just how broken these characters are without feeling to overwhelmed by information.  The author did a fantastic job at ensuring that I would fall in love with the characters despite their flaws and maybe even because of them.
The MCs:
Celeste: As I said in the section before this, both of these characters appear to be one way, but are actually both well rounded. It seemed like Daniel brought his strength to Stella, and she brought her vulnerability to Daniel. In the end they really helped each other become complete people. It was pretty awesome. Even though Stella seemed so damaged, I found that I really liked her and related to her so well. I think it goes back to the inner strength that I could always see in her.
Ana:  These characters were in turn strong, vulnerable, happy, sad, angry and confused.  They relied on each other but that give and take between them didn’t make them weak, instead it strengthens them beyond what they can be alone.  I loved Stella’s  desire to get better and Daniel’s soft heart.  Even though these two were broken, they captured my heart right away!
Romance /Chemistry:
Celeste: Holy hot stuff!! Stella and Daniel had a connection from the second they met each other, it was both an emotional and physical one.  Nothing like a manwhore and a virgin to get us all worked up. Every. Single. Time. And, let’s not forget there was a good bit of dirty talk. Yes, my friends, this book was all kinds of win in the romance department.
Ana:  Yes…what Celeste said.  The romance was delicious…and the chemistry undeniable!  There were just enough soft kisses to to make me smile and just enough hot encounters to make my heart beat faster!!
Celeste: The title is pretty good, I think it means that everything between Stella and Daniel was just that, between them and no one else, which is why their connection was so special. The cover though, is outstanding. It’s the glass room and I love how they are looking out. Perfect!
Ana:  I wasn’t sure about the cover when I first saw it but once I began reading I realized it was perfect.  The image and the title tell you so much about the story and you don’t even realize it until you’ve dived into it.
Celeste: I did get the HEA I was looking for, but I am so greedy…I wish it had more detail and maybe spanned over a chapter or two. I guess I felt like Stella and Daniel had been through so much I wanted their happy pages to share in the spotlight too instead of just feeling like it got glossed over.
Ana:  This book was too short!  I was so invested in these characters, their evolution, their progress…and their love…that I needed more.  Don’t get me wrong, I was very happy with the end but, at the same time, hugely disappointed that it was over. I need one more chapter…just one more!
Celeste: I think I need a little more closure still. I know that Stella was doing so much better, but an epilogue would have sealed the deal for me. I want to know where she was living, how it was working out, did she have set backs? How was Daniel? How was his mom? Now…..maybe these questions will be answered in another book? If that’s the case then ignore me! I know Romy and Caleb have their story Only Between Us, so maybe there’s more to come? 🙂
Ana:  I agree with Celeste here.  I wanted more.  I love that changes are happening and things are moving in the right direction but I wasn’t ready to let these characters go.  I need to know they’re OK and that they’re happy!
Final Thoughts/Rec It?
Celeste: YES! It was a quick and easy read, but I enjoyed and savored every page. If you love a great romance story with some less than perfect characters, this is for you.
Ana:  Yes!! I loved this story!
AUTHOR BIO: Mila Ferrera lives in New England, where she has a family and a job and does various normal, everyday things, all while plotting novels in her head. She has a passion for writing new adult/adult romance featuring psychological twists and tortured heroes. Her own psychology internship involved plenty of consultation, but alas, no sexy Swedish doctors, and her decision to make one up is what sparked her self-publishing adventures. She’s the author of SPIRAL (available now), ONLY BETWEEN US (9/3/13), and EVERYTHING BETWEEN US (11/5/13).
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  1. Stella and Daniel’s relationship sounds awesome and chemistry filled! It sounds like a very character oriented book which are always my favorites. Loved the double review style and so happy you both enjoyed it! 🙂

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