November 12, 2013

Title: Sweet
Author: Erin McCarthy
Series: True
Publisher: Intermix (Penguin)
Published: October 9, 2013

From the Publisher: Jessica Sweet thought going away to college would finally make her free of her parents’ constant judgments and insistence she play chastity club role model for their church events, but if anything, the freedom has made her realize she can’t go home and be a hypocrite anymore. Tired of dodging their questions, she stays at school over the summer and lands in an unexpected crash pad: Riley Mann’s house.

Sarcastic, cocky, and full of opinions, Riley is also sexy personified with tattoos and biceps earned from working as a roofer all day. Not the right guy for her even if Jessica was looking for a relationship, which she is definitely not. But Jessica knows that Riley hides the burden of having to raise his younger brothers behind that grin and as she helps him get his house in order for a custody hearing, they begin to fall hard for each other, and she is forced to question what she’s hiding herself.

Jessica has never had a problem getting naked with a guy, but when it comes to showing Riley how she truly feels inside, her fear of rejection may just ruin the best thing—the best guy—to ever happen to her…

**I received a copy of this book from the publisher,
but that did not influence the review**

First Thoughts: 5 swoony stars Loved it. This story made my heart flutter, made me feel so happy, and made me fall  in love with these characters. While I really liked the first book in the series, True, I enjoyed this one so much more and found the romance to be so much deeper.

Plot, Setting, Pacing and Style: This installment of the True series is about Jessica and Riley. While Jessica might seem like a girl who wants for nothing and loves life, that isn’t true once you get to know her a little bit. Her parents have some pretty serious expectations and instead of living up to them, Jessica lies to them to do her own thing. Her own thing turns out to be partying and moving into Riley’s home for the summer with his younger brothers. Riley hasn’t had an easy life, and is the caregiver for his younger brothers. While spending time together they find they have more than just an attraction to each other, and for the first time in their lives, they each let someone else in.

The setting was a lower income neighborhood…I could feel the grime and the dirt, and could smell of sweat and cigarette smoke. While that isn’t attractive it made me feel like I was part of the story, like I was there with Jessica and Riley.

The pacing was some kind of slow burn! But that made me love it even more. Riley had some serious self control and it was killing Jessica (and me ). However, I enjoyed every second of every kiss and the ending made it worth the wait, it was definitely more special that way.

The style was told only in Jessica’s POV. While so many NA titles lately use the alternating POVs, this was actually perfect this way. While I would have loved to be in Riley Mann’s head, I am pretty sure he is too private and never would have sat down to tell Ms. McCarthy his side of the story.

The MCs: I adored these two. Jessica seemed like she didn’t have a care in the world, but once I got to know her, I loved her. She had such a huge heart that was just ready to let Riley in. I loved her sass, and the confidence she had in herself. I guess sometimes I wish she wasn’t so forward with Riley, but it didn’t make me like her any less.

Riley = RAWR He is one hot sexy guy. I almost always envisioned him sweaty with no shirt on because it was so hot all the time and they didn’t have AC. Not really a bad image to have. I also think he was pretty tan and delicious with those tattoos. At first he seemed just like Tyler, but once I got to know him I realized how much pressure he was under with all the responsibilities on his plate. He put his family first, and didn’t invite Jessica into his heart that easily, but you could see the wall coming down little by little and it was just so SWOONY. He was so romantic and probably didn’t even know it.

Romance /Chemistry: Sweet and I loved the slow burn. This is one of those stories where kisses and touches are hotter than anything else. The attraction Riley and Jessica had was pretty intense, and oh so worth the wait!

Title/Cover: At first I was thinking True fit book 1 so well and this one was just convenient. Nope. I was wrong. It was even more fitting than book 1. It was absolutely perfect. It described the romance so well. The cover? Let’s be serious…it’s gorgeous and I love it!

Ending: I’m pretty sure I got teary eyed in two different parts. When Riley got emotional, and then when Jessica got emotional. Hold me!

Final Thoughts/Rec It? YES!!! Loved this story of a blossoming romance, that turns into the love of a lifetime. I can’t wait to read the next installment about Robin.


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