November 13, 2013

Title: Connected
Author: Kim Karr
Series: Connections
Publisher: Penguin
Published: May 7, 2013
Pages: 364

From the Publisher: What if a ‘Once in a Lifetime’ could happen twice?

Suffering from a past full of tragedy, Dahlia London’s soul has been left completely shattered. Happily ever after is a far cry from reality in her world. But, when she is reconnected with her past, the bonds that form are irrefutable.

When River Wilde, lead singer of The Wilde Ones, comes back into Dahlia’s life, the intensity that fires their relationship combined with underlying feelings that have never died lead her to believe she has met her soulmate.

Struggling with confusion as old connections fade and new ones begin, Dahlia’s grief begins to lift–but guilt remains. River wants to be the one to mend all that is torn within her.

But with a past that is never really gone, can their future survive?

First Thoughts: 4.5 stars A-ha! I knew it!!! This story was oh-so-good. Get out your tissues folks, I was sobbing in the beginning.

Plot, Pacing and Style: Dahlia was devastated after a tragedy and could barely get through each day. A friend convinced Dahlia to do a job, just to try and get her life back on track. This job led Dahlia to reconnect with River, a man she had instant chemistry years before, and soon her life started to heal. Let me tell you, that tragedy was heart-wrenching. Heart. Wrenching. Bravo, Ms. Karr. It’s so hard to evoke real emotions from a reader, and believe me, my tears were flowing. It was done so, so perfectly. I felt that my life also stopped for two years. This story was told from Dahlia’s POV, and later on River’s as well. I did love getting a peek at his thoughts and saw how much he loved Dahlia.

The MCs: Dahlia was lovely and I adored her. She suffered so much in her lifetime already, and my heart broke for her several times over. Thank goodness she had River, who truly made her feel alive, even more alive than before. He was such a good man, and loved Dahlia honestly, and more importantly wholly.  And let’s not forget how smoking hot he is.

Romance /Chemistry: Errr, yes *fans self*. The attraction Dahlia and River had was immediate, but sustaining. Sometimes some hot smexy time doesn’t translate well into a healthy relationship, but this time, it was actually a way these two showed the other how deeply they felt about the other one.

Title/Cover: The title is pretty good…I get it…Dahlia had met River before and their connection was so strong. I have a feeling I’m going to find the title for book 2 (Torn) to be a little better fitting. Now the cover: it’s hot. The cover definitely caught my eye and I’m ok with admitting it!

Twists and Turns: I love when a book throws a massive curveball at me, and I think the intention was to have a huge shocker in this story. Sadly, it was alluded to very strongly in the beginning, so the entire time I was waiting for the shoe to drop. Now, just because I wasn’t surprised doesn’t mean it still wasn’t good…it was. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out because I’m pretty sure the sh*t is going to hit the fan!

Ending: Thank goodness I already bought book 2, Torn, because holy smokes, what a cliffy!!!

Gripes/suggestions: I wish the twist hadn’t been so predictable, that would have made this story a total 5 star for me.

Final Thoughts/Rec It? Yes! This a a romance with a thrilling back story to keep you turning the pages into the wee hours of the night.


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