January 3, 2014

Title: Come As You Are
Author: Theresa Weir
Published: September 20, 2013
Genre: New Adult Contemporary

Synopsis: Molly Young has a secret. To keep it she holds the world at a distance. Behind her lies a trail of dumped boyfriends who came too close to discovering what no one can know. When her estranged father dies of an unexpected heart attack he leaves an even deeper secret, one tied to Molly’s.

At the funeral repast Molly is unable to tolerate the shoulder-to-shoulder mourners and runs out the door and down the street to the nearest bar. Come dawn, with no memory of the past ten hours, she finds herself in bed with a beautiful stranger. She slips away before he wakes up, unaware of the role he’s about to play in her life. Is he the one guy who can convince Molly to face her painful secret and become the person she’s meant to be?

**I received a copy of this book via NetGalley,
but that did not influence the review**

First Thoughts: 4.5 stars Wow, this book is dark and haunting…it pulled me in from page 1 and I didn’t put it down until I was done.

Plot, Pacing, and Style: This is the story of Molly and Ian, both dealing with a death and circumstance that put them together. There is a reason Molly always runs away from commitment, but it seems like this time with Ian might be different. I loved watching her journey as she realized she didn’t’ always have to be alone. The pacing was quick, but not so fast that I was confused, and I devoured the book in one sitting. The POV  alternated between 1st person Molly and 3rd person Ian, which is one of my favorite ways to read a story lately.

Main Characters: I loved both Molly and Ian, as both were actually such strong characters. Molly may have had internal moments of weakness, but she actually had such a strong sense of self preservation and I couldn’t help but respect her. Sometimes I wanted to shout at her, “look, you should let Ian love you!!” but I knew when she shut him out it was her way of working through her issues so I just read on and waited for her turning point.

Ian was so strong, and so confident…it seemed. We never got a real look into his thoughts, but I’m guessing he wasn’t as strong as he came across. I loved seeing how drawn he was to Molly, he truly couldn’t stay away from her. Yet at the same time he respected her enough to give her space, but on other occasions he also knew she needed and loved him so he wasn’t afraid to just “let it all hang out”. Let’s not also forget that he is very, very pretty to look at.

Romance/Chemistry: Holy hotness. These two want each other and Ian has some serious willpower. I loved it. The physical attraction is what started the whole thing, but Molly and Ian’s situation provided an opportunity where the romance developed and the love actually ran deep.

Title/Cover: The title is extremely amazing, perfect. Loved it. The cover is gorgeous and haunting, although I’m not sure why Molly is drowning. Maybe it’s the thought of jumping off the bridge? I still think it’s really beautiful.

Twists, Turns, and Secrets: I didn’t expect one secret (WOW), but I predicted another one from almost the very beginning, but just because I knew it was coming didn’t make it any less powerful or sad.

Ending: The ending happened fairly quickly. I love happy endings, and I think Molly and Ian are headed that way, but I’m not sure. I hope so!

Gripes/suggestions: The ending. I feel like it was rushed I was left hanging. A short epilogue would have fixed this for me, as I needed to know what happened. I’m assuming it was happy, but I don’t really know.

Final Thoughts/Rec it? Yes! This was dark, and kind of effed up, but I loved it so very much. If you have a thing for stories with characters who have some baggage and work through it, this is a great addition to your TBR.


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