And now it’s time…


Celeste & Jag: Do you think things will ever calm down? Or will there always be someone jealous to come along and stir the pot?

Mason leans back in his chair and looks away.
Logan grunts. “Do you not know our lives? I stir the pot.”
Nate grins at him. “And then you drop a bomb in it.”
“No doubt.”


Celeste & Jag: Sorry boys, but we can’t help ourselves and we are dying to know our readers are curious: boxers, briefs or commando?
Mason doesn’t answer.
nudges him with his shoulder. “Boxer briefs all around here.”
Celeste & Jag: So Logan, yellow Escalade…
“What about it?”

Celeste & Jag:

Do you guys ever mess around do threesomes with bloggers with each other, like arm wrestle? Who would win?

Will you show us?

Mason sighs and crosses his arms over his chest. He looks out the window.
Logan grins, bobbing his head up and down. “If I do a threesome there won’t be any arm wrestling going on and there won’t be any dicks around. Two girls and the wrestling will be something else.”
Nate just laughs.


Celeste & Jag: When did you guys decide you liked Sam as a person? Who was the first to admit it among you? She’s obviously gorgeous too, but it doesn’t seem like she thinks that of herself. What does she look like?
Mason looks back from the window.
Logan snorts, “She’s fucking hot. What do you mean what does she look like?”
Nate glances at Mason, but doesn’t say anything.
His arms drop to his sides and Mason leans forward. “She’s gorgeous on the inside and out. Sam doesn’t look at looks like most people. She looks at value and loyalty. The same applies to herself.”
Logan snorts again. “And because her psycho mom brainwashed her into thinking she’s never good enough.”
Nate nods. “Yeah, there’s that.”


Celeste & Jag: You guys all seem pretty tough, but which one of you is the most sensitive? The most impulsive?
Nate and Mason look at Logan.
Logan winks at the interviewers. “I might be the most impulsive, but there’s no way I’m the most sensitive.” He looks at Nate.
So does Mason.
Nate lets out a sigh and slumps a little in his chair. “Yeah, I’m the most sensitive.”


Celeste & Jag: Who is the most buff? works out the most? Maybe you should take off your shirts so we can check, for the readers, of course.
Nate and Logan look at Mason. He shrugs. “I have football. If I don’t train, they’ll kill me on the field.”
Logan laughs. “You train so you can kill them.”
Mason shrugs. “Yeah.”

Celeste & Jag: Which one of you talks to Tijan the most?
Logan frowns. “People keep talking about this Tie-jan person. Who the hell is that?”
Nate asks him, “Is it tee-jan or tie-jan?”
Logan shrugs. “Fuck if I know.”
Are there things you still haven’t told her yet?
Mason looks out the window again.
Logan and Nate
have blank expressions on their faces.
Or does she just know you so well at this point? Crickets. Dead silence.

Mason, what made you OK with having some of your own chapters in Fallen Crest Public? Will we ever see that from Logan or Nate?

Mason frowns. “Your questions are starting to freak me out. Stop.”


Celeste & Jag: Do you guys trust Adam at all?
Mason grunts and looks away. Logan grins. “Think that’s your answer for all of us.”
Logan says, “Mark’s a cool dude.”
Nate nods. “I like him.”
Mason shrugs. “He won’t hurt Sam. He’s fine with me.”
Silence again.


Celeste & Jag: Do you guys ever get tired of um, partying and sex? How do you find time to study for school?
Logan flashes a grin. “I’ll be tired of partying and getting laid when I’m old and dead.”
Nate says, “Or when you get married.” “That too.”

Mason looks back from the window again. “We study.”

“Yeah,” Logan adds. “That’s all Mason’s going to be doing. Football and studying.”
Mason shrugs. “I’m not going to argue with that.”


♦Rapid Fire♦

♦ Blondes or Brunettes:
Logan says, “Whatever. If they’re down for it, I don’t care.”

♦ 2 words to describe yourself:
Mason says nothing.
Logan says, “Hot. Charming.”
Nate shrugs. “Just am.”
Logan adds, “Sexy. Fun.” He nods. “Funny, exhilarating.” He opens his mouth again, “Sarcastic—”
interrupts him, “Two words only, dipshit.”
glances at him. “I used some of yours.”

♦ 2 words to describe one of the other guys:
Mason asks, “Can we not? Logan won’t stop if you keep asking questions like that.”
Logan starts, “Incredible. Outstanding.”
Nate asks him, “Who?”
“Me.” Logan says, “I’m still on the first part.”
“Shut up, dipshit.”

♦ 2 words to describe Sam:
Mason glares at Logan. “You said she’s hot. Leave it at that.”
laughs and winks at him.

♦ Dirty talking.
Logan pumps his fist in the air. “YES!”
♦ Do you do it?
He lowers it. “Oh.”
Nate and Logan
look at Mason, who shakes his head. He answers, “No way am I answering that.”
♦ Like it?
Logan snorts. “What’s not to like? It’s dirty talk.”
give us examples:
Logan takes a deep breath.
Nate shakes his head. “Oh no.”
Logan opens his mouth, but Mason covers it with his hand. “Don’t even start.”
Logan grumbles incoherently around his hand, but nods. “Fine.”

♦ Tattoos. Have any or ever want any?
Logan doesn’t answer.
does, “We all do. They’re personal.”


♦ Favorite music: “Anything that’s awesome.”

Mason shrugs. “They play music before the games so whatever that is. It helps.”

Logan points to Nate. “He’s the music person.”
Nate nods. “Yeah. I love music, especially the remixes. I find music for my parent’s movies sometimes.”


Thank you so much, Mason, Logan, and Nate for stopping by,
we totally love you and want to have your babies appreciate it so much!



Our review

First Thoughts:
Celeste: 4.5 stars This installment was like the granddaddy of cat fights. It was vicious and calculated…and it turned out anything could happen.

Jag: I have to agree, but I’m going to 4.5 star this book just because I liked it better than the last book but not quite as much as the first one.

Plot, Pacing, and Style:
Celeste: Fallen Crest Public focused on just that, the public school. This was a different breed of bullying and everyone was out to get Sam. The pacing was quick, just like books 1 and 2 so I read it in one sitting, but in this installment the style was a little different (not going to say why!)…and I loved it!

Jag: I could not put this book down, it had my head spinning.  Fallen Crest Public makes private school look like a cake-walk and watching Sam navigate through it was a page turner.  I have to agree with Celeste, there was one aspect of this that took this book…off the hook.  Me likey!

Main Characters:
Celeste: I think I learned that not all the relationships were as solid as I thought in this installment and I hope things go back to the way they were between some of the guys. Even though this romance was still about Mason and Sam, I seriously am just as in love (lust) with Logan. All 3 of them also seem to have their own agendas, as they each want to fix things so that they can protect the rest of the family.

Jag: This installment took so much of what I believed to be true about these characters, and shook it all up.   What I loved the most was that we discovered things about them, that we didn’t really know before…about the good guys and the ‘bad’ guys too.  I particularly liked that Sam got a lot of her old ‘spark’ back since book 2 felt like she’d lost her edge a bit.

Celeste: It’s just ridiculous that these guys are so hot. I want this. They just look at each other and get turned on. Logan doesn’t even have a girlfriend and I want him.

Jag:  Tijan has a gift for creating chemistry and FCP is no exception.  Her books sizzle, the kind of spark that makes your stomach get squishy, your thighs get clenchy, your heart start racing and your body get heated.  If you haven’t read any Tijan books, please PLEASE make that a goal for 2014.  PS I’m okay with threesomes (in case Tijan stops by)… #Kadesandwich

Celeste: The title is once again simple perfection, and um, just look at the cover…I want a piece of that!

Jag:  I think one of the weaknesses in self publishing can be cover design,  but this is not the case for this cover.  I think Tijan, with many of her covers, uses the less is more philosophy and what we get is sexy, understated and intriguing.

Twists, Turns, and Secrets:
Celeste: There were definitely some secrets, and I’m not sure why the characters kept some information to themselves. It was probably just immaturity.

Jag:  Like any great book, there were several times throughout that I wanted to face-punch some of the character and shake the crap out of others.  There was one twist in particular that had the butterflies in my tummy in over drive, oh the anxiety lol.

Celeste: Oh man, I didn’t see that coming. I knew it was true, but I thought it was going to just not be dealt with. CRAP!

Jag:  I can’t lie, while I didn’t seeing it coming out so ‘bluntly’, I already knew what was revealed in the end. With Mason going to College in the next book I can only imagine the f*ckery that will occur, GAH, pass me the tums Celeste.

Celeste: I didn’t like the ending. It sets things up for the 4th book and I’m nervous now. *bites nails*

Jag:  Loved loved loved it all.  The only reason this isn’t a 5 star is because I miss the fearless ‘f*ck you’ attitude Sam had in the first book but it’s good to see her getting some of it back.

Final Thoughts/Rec it?
Celeste: Oh yes, for sure. It was probably the hardest for me to relate to since it was truly more about high school and not as much about the relationships with the parents, the pasts, and romance, but I still loved it and know this is important and still can’t wait to see how they all come out on the other side.

Jag: As I said before, I would totally rec this and any of Tijan’s other amazing books.  She writes the most f*cked up, emotionally barren parents and counters them with these amazing strong teens/young adults.  Again, if you haven’t read any Tijan books, please PLEASE make that a goal for 2014.  I suggest starting with the stand alone book Carter Reed to get a taste of the waymazing Tijan. /fangirl


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