January 10, 2014

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Title: Love Show
Author: Audrey Bell
Publisher: self-published
Published: January 5, 2014
e: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Synopsis: Hadley Arrington is the career-driven editor-in-chief of her university’s prestigious newspaper. Jack Diamond is a laidback student whose good looks have made things even easier than they need to be. She’s the girl who came out of nowhere and kissed him in the rain. He’s the boy who made her do something crazy.

When the stakes seem too high, they have to decide if they’ll let their love show or if they’ll walk away for good.

 **I received a copy of this book for the tour,
but that did not influence the review**

First Thoughts: 4.5 stars This started off a little slow for me, but by the end I was so invested in this story and fell so in love with these characters. What a fantastic ride!

Plot, Pacing, and Style: This was told from Hadley’s POV so Jack Diamond was always a little bit of a mystery.

Main Characters: I liked Hadley, but I’m so in love with Jack. Hadley was so driven and had such huge goals, it was as if her life depended on these goals. Jack, on the other hand, had no big goals and was floating through life. Total opposites? Yes. And it worked. We got to find out why each of them were the way they were and how they both learned to change a little bit too.

Romance/Chemistry: I need a guy with plaid shirts it turns out. That is all. lol. I’m kidding. Almost. The romance is all about the physical chemistry at first and I loved it. Only later did it develop into more, something way deeper than smexy kisses and feels. I loved it all.

Title/Cover: Hmmm, I don’t get the title. I thought about it, but it hasn’t come to me yet. I do LOVE the cover though, nothing like a breath taking kissy pic to catch my eye.

Twists, Turns, and Secrets: There was a huge loose cannon for me and that was Ben. I had all sorts of theories, but maybe I should have relaxed and just read because I was wrong!

Ending: Hold me. It was perfect.

Gripes/suggestions: You know, I’m not sure if it’s a gripe but I wished I connected with Hadley in the beginning a little bit more. She was so driven that it was hard to even see her friendship with David. By the end I knew they spent quality time together, but at first she seemed like a total workaholic. I guess it just took a while for me to get to know her.

Final Thoughts/Rec it? Oh my yes. It’s a fantastic stand alone novel that will have your heart bursting.

About the Author : Audrey Bell is an American author living in New York City.

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