February 3, 2014

Title: More Than Her
Author: Jay McLean  @jaymcleanauthor
Series: More
Publisher: self-published
Published: November 18, 2013
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Synopsis:  “For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction.”

For every choice you make there are rewards, or there are consequences. It was my choice to walk away the first time. And my choice to chase her the second. But sometimes you don’t get a choice,

and all you get are the consequences.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Unless that someone is Logan Matthews. Because loving him didn’t give me the strength to walk away. It didn’t give me the courage to fight for him.

And when it was over,
all it gave me was a broken heart.

**I received a copy of this book,
but that did not influence the review**

4.5 stars Logan Matthews, oh you just ripped my heart out. Shredded it and stomped on it. Hold me.

So yeah, that ending was a top notch 5 star heart breaker for me. I was pretty tingly when I started this book, as I fell in love with Logan Mathews in More Than This and knew I just needed to know him. Needed. So let’s start from the beginning…I read book 1 and flailed (see here) so I held off on this installment because I knew I needed book 3 in hand before I started this. Let’s just say that was really, really smart. However, I had to go back and catch myself up so I reread the last few chapters of More Than This and got back in the zone immediately. It was a little hard with the flipping between the past and present chapters, but it totally captured my interest and soon enough I burned through the pages.

Ok, here we go—> I don’t want to spoil so I’m going to go through the range of feels I had rather than the specifics of why I loved this story.  This is the story of two people that have an undeniable chemistry and attraction for each other from the first time they ever meet, but getting together and staying together isn’t as easy. I wanted to know all the secrets each of them had, what made them hold back (and boy oh boy did they hold back), what made them just so broken, so terribly sad on the inside. I wanted to know because when they were together magic happened and unicorns were born. I’m telling you, the words jumped off the page and into my heart… and I devoured those scenes, although many times it was so USTy that it was beyond divine (yes, I love the slow burn and torture).

So yes, there there was lust at first, but it was followed by a love that showed how two sad souls became whole and happy, except they never really got to savor it, or enjoy it for very long because dark pasts have a way of creeping up and totally f*cking things up *throws kindle at Ms. McLean, but then hugs her after because it was still so good*. Then all of a sudden the course of events goes into a direction that had me shouting, screaming NO. Oh man, let’s just say I am starting book 3, More Than Him, the second the last letter of this review is typed up.

I’d also love to quote, but don’t think I can do that. I really don’t want to give anything away, just know that I did a fair amount of highlighting on my kindle. *cough ok a lot cough* Some of it swoony and some of it, well, um, a bit naughty. This book has quotable things in it by the truckloads. You’ll love it!

So would I rec this? A million billion times yes. If you want to fall in love along side of characters with serious baggage, this story is for you. Then throw in some serious sexy time and it’s a total top shelf. Happy reading!


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