Ladies and gentlemen…it’s April 10th.

And you know what is special about today? One of my favorite book boyfriends ever

(and when I say ever I mean EVER) has the same birthday as me.


oh em gee
Coincidence? I think not. More like fate.

Ha, who am I kidding? He belongs to Brooke,
but that still doesn’t mean we can’t all celebrate.

Wouldn’t you like to know how Remy is spending his birthday?
Well, if your answer is HELL YES (like me!) read on to find out in this never seen before scene…

…and what’s a birthday without presents
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omg, I srsly squee’d when Katy sent me this *dies from over-fangirling*


From Katy:

When Celeste told me she and Remy shared a birth date, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the invite to her blog. Celeste, I hope that this year is full of happiness, success, health, and love, and the same goes for you, Remington Tate! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU BOTH!

As a special treat to you readers, here’s a little, never-before-seen scene of Remy and Brooke on his birthday.


are you ready?!?



I’ve got a big, tanned lion in bed and he’s so warm and sleeping so soundly, I’m reluctant to leave his side. How can I? His arm is like a manacle around my waist and he’s spooning me in the way he always does, with his nose tucked into my neck so he can nuzzle me if he wants, one of his legs hiked up over my hips, locking me to him, his cock nestled perfectly against my ass.

In other words?


Usually, he’s the first to wake. It’s pretty rare when I get to encounter the deliciousness of Remington Tate, my husband, my best friend, my cocky blue-eyed fighter, still asleep beside me in the mornings. But today is not just any day. I wore him out last night at exactly midnight—because today is April 10th and its officially his birthday. It took me months to try to think of something to give him that he wants, because whatever he wants, he always gets for himself, he’s just that kind of man. He renovates his headphones every time he feels like it; gets a new iPod to keep as a spare. He can buy anything he wants and the only thing he can’t buy that he wants, he already has; his family. Me, our son Racer. His team; Pete, Riley, Coach, Diane.

I hoped I might be pregnant by now so that I could give him this news as a present, but that’s not the case. A smirk pulls my lips when I figure….well, we’ll just have to keep trying?

“Hmm. Stop wiggling,” a low growl muffled by my hair reaches me as I try to squirm free.

I stop. Then almost laugh. He’s got some sort of hidden detector and stirs awake when I awake first, I swear! I was trying to sneak away as delicately as possible.

“Go back to sleep,” I say, reaching behind me and patting his thigh. “You’re not supposed to wake up just yet.”

“I’m awake and so’s my dick now. You’re not going anywhere.”

“Remington,” I protest, wiggling as I turn around in his arms. “I wanted to get your present.”

His blue eyes are heavy-lidded and sleepy, like his voice. “Present?”

I poke his cheeks. “It’s your birthday, my sexy, delicious, dimpled boy.”

“Am I getting special treatment,” he rumbles as he rolls to his back and hauls me up over his deliciously ripped body.

“Hmm. Yes you are. I’m going to make sure you have the happiest birthday ever. But I wanted to sing you Happy Birthday before everyone else does.”

He grins cockily and pats my rump. “Alright, firecracker, blow me away.”

I grin back, ease off him and reach for the iPod on the nightstand, then I search for that famous sexy Marilyn Monroe song, when she sings Happy Birthday to John F. Kennedy.

I put his Beats over his head and click play, and as the song starts, he laughs, pulls them off, and pulls me back on him. “No, baby, you sing it,” he teases me, reaching up to rub the pad of his thumb over my bottom lip. There’s no question he’s already tasting me in his head, his gaze darkening in his predatorial way as I whisper-sing,

“Happy Birthday to you…”

He slides his hands to my ass and grinds his hips up to my pelvis.

“Happy Birthday to you…”

He kisses my neck and nibbles his way up to my ear, breaking my rhythm.

“Happy Birthday…dear Remington…”

He slides up inside me, his cock thrusting deep, and growls in my ear, finishing for me, “Happy birthday to me.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to Ms. Katy Evans. Every single time I interact with her I love her a little bit more. We are so honored that Remy and Brooke shared a little bit of their day with us. Happy Birthday, Remy!

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