Title:  Trouble

Author:  Samantha Towle

Published:  November 2013

Mia Monroe is running. Running from a person she doesn’t ever want to find her. Running from a past she doesn’t ever want anyone to know. Desperate to find a future, that yesterday, she could only dream of having.

Jordan Matthews likes easy. Easy women. Easy life.

Then he meets Mia.

She’s damaged, troubled and has more baggage than any person can carry. But the more Jordan gets to know Mia-for the first time in his life-he finds himself wanting to try hard for something … for someone … for her.

And then life isn’t so easy anymore.

Jordan is everything Mia shouldn’t want. A whole bunch of dirty hotness, tattooed, cocky bad boy, who made his money at poker tables and picked his women up in bars. Yet, Mia finds herself falling for him. Then the past Mia was running from, quickly starts to catch up with her. Because that’s the problem with running … you have to stop sometime.

And when you stop, you get caught.

Ana will put Trouble on her second shelf!

Review: I can’t remember the last time I was so torn about how to rate a book.  This story captured my attention and provided both heartbreak and romance…all things I look for.  Overall I enjoyed reading this book and there was a lot of depth to the storyline.  So, why am I confused?  I think it was the main character…

I had some trouble with her development.  Not that I didn’t enjoy where the author took the story but, Mia was so messed up that, in my opinion, it should have taken 3 books and many, many therapy sessions to get her to that ending.  She moved passed her issues almost too quickly for me.  Mia is going through so much – she is beyond broken.  Her life is filled with abuse and fear and self-destruction.  And, although I knew in my heart that I should feel for her, ultimately, I wasn’t sure I had the right amount of sympathy for her as a victim.  And maybe that was the point…she was moving on and so should I.  But, it just all felt too rushed for me.

Jordan has his own way of dealing with heartache…push everyone away, use and abuse but don’t get emotionally involved.  I liked his character, his swagger, his confusion, his tender-heartedness (yes, I just made up another word!).  Together, they help each other come to terms with their pasts and look towards their future.

Ultimately, this story really is about hope.  It’s about how we can never give up, regardless of circumstances.  It’s about looking forward and wanting to heal.  It was difficult to read at times (in truth, I almost gave up early on because of what was happening in Mia’s life) but it was beautiful as well.  And that’s why I gave it 4 stars.  There was a lot to like here even in the ugliness of what life is throwing at these characters.  The beauty was in their strength and in their will to push forward.

So…here I am weeks after reading it and the rating was not an answer for me.  But, I guess just the mere fact that I’m still thinking about this story and that it still affects me when it crosses my mind should say something about the power of the storyline!

So I guess there’s only one thing you can do…read it and make up your own mind!

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