April 23, 2014

Title:  An Unplanned Lesson

Series:  Unplanned

Author:  Beth Rinyu

Published:  March 2013

Nicole Morgan, the new second grade teacher at Pineview Elementary school, has it all together in the classroom; it’s her personal life that she can’t find peace with. Unable to let go of the guilt that she is harboring from her past, she punishes herself by running from all potential relationships.

Her patience is put to the test when Dailan O’Maley the obnoxious but very sexy uncle of one of her students enters her life. She slowly cracks away at Dailan’s crude, crass exterior when they are forced to work together for the sake of his nephew. The two of them learn a lesson in love that neither had planned as they discover that the guilt they are hiding deep inside isn’t the only thing they have in common. Unbeknownst to her, he holds more than just the key to her heart.

Ana will put An Unplanned Lesson on her second shelf!!

A swoon-worthy Irishman, an adorable little boy, a sweet love story…yes, please!  This was a fun, quick read that will hit all the high points for anyone who loves a good romance with just enough other stuff going on that it doesn’t become overly mushy! A great read for those who love love!

I really enjoyed the characters in this book.  I felt connected to them and learned enough about their backgrounds to feel like they could be friends of mine…so, it made me care about what happened to them.  Nicole has a past she’d rather not think about and a family who doesn’t care enough about her, but she also has strong friendships she can rely on.  She’s strong and, even though it takes her a while to get there, she is moving forward in her life.  And, lucky for her, she finds Dailan O’Maley.  Dailan is one of those characters…a guy who gets under your skin and burrows into your heart before you even realize he’s there.  He’s cocky, confident, smart, caring, sweet and sexy-as-heck!  He’s got a lot on his plate looking after his nephew (who’s adorable, by the way) and dealing with the death of his brother.  He’s carrying guilt and sadness with him and really isn’t looking for love.  The good news is that love finds them both!  Their chemistry was perfect…explosive from the very start.  And that might have been enough to make this a good book.  But, I loved that the author chose to give these two a slow burn, some angst and a few bumps in the road to romance.  It made it all that much sweeter!

So, by now you’re wondering why 4 stars and not 5.  After all, the story was great and I loved the characters.  Well, for me, there were two things that could have been done just a little bit differently.  First up, the intimate scenes.  Although they were shmexy, for me they were just a bit off.  I know it’s very difficult to write those types of scenes and, to be honest, I’m having a hard time putting into words what was missing for me, but I think, ultimately, it might have been the flow.  All the elements were there but at times the scenes felt a bit too choppy to get my heart racing as quickly as I’d like. However, they still made me happy.  The second issue is not really an issue at all.  I loved and hated the end at the same time.  It was shocking and surprising…win!  It was sweet and perfect…win!  But it felt too perfect, too contrived…not such a win for me!

So, do I recommend this book?  Absolutely.  It had great characters and a wonderful story.  It was filled with romance, angst and a little steam.  And made me smile.  Better yet…book 2 is already out!!


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