May 22, 2014


I thought I was strong…But I wasn’t when it came to Evan Ashford.

The rich, cocky playboy I met within minutes of landing in Hawaii didn’t give me arrogance. He gave me his heart and his hard truths. In return,I gave him everything, including my trust. The man made me weak in the knees,but I soon learned the bad boy surfer had a reputation that preceded him and animage to uphold.

 The sexual chemistry was unquestionable, our emotions irrational, but our love was undeniable. Together our pasts didn’t matter. Our different backgrounds were irrelevant. He made me feel his life wasn’t worth living without me in it. He took my breath away and saved each one of them, owning me wholly.

 Evan became my life, but with all the obstacles that stood in our way, could he become my future?


Life was perfect. Paradise was found in the arms of a redeemed bad boy. Evan Ashford’s cocky side didn’t stand a chance against true love. He pursued me with an unbridled determination, a passion that couldn’t be denied, winning me over. Our lives are now set… or should have been. But nothing stays perfect forever and happiness comes with a price.

We’ve paid that price.

Sometimes we may not get the answers we seek, but we’ve learned to cherish the gifts we’ve been given. It doesn’t matter what life throws at us or takes away, we’ve found love and we will fight for what matters most—family. 


A lighter appears in front of me. Without bothering to look up, I move forward into the fire. I try to ignore the ridiculously handsome guy as he tries to pick me up after sending his girlfriend away.

He’s unsettling and… confusing, and apparently doesn’t take a hint, so I make myself crystal clear. “Just so you know, your bullshit lines won’t work on me. Anyway, I’m sure there’s a fresh batch of girls about to land who are looking for that fling they will always remember and reflect upon fondly for the rest of their lives.”

 The Hawaiian God’s heat emanates from beside me.

He’s too good looking.

He’s too close.

“Speaking of bullshit, a thank you would be nice,” he says, moving to stand in front of me.

“For what?” I ask.

“For the light.”

“Thank you,” I mumble, rolling my eyes and wishing my ride was here to save me from this situation.

“That didn’t sound sincere.”

“That’s because it wasn’t.” I tilt my head, take a long drag, and look up into his blue eyes. Yep, it’s official. He’s too good looking with bad intentions mixed in. That combination does all kinds of tingly things to me—good and bad.


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