June 18, 2014

Title:  Only in Dreams

Series:  Stubborn Love

Author:  Wendy Owens

Published:  December 2013

Paige Parker thinks she has everything figured out. Even though her heart is broken, she manages to find love again, and she’s sure this time it’s for keeps.

Between planning her wedding and working on garments for her upcoming debut fashion show, Paige is overwhelmed. When her fiancé, Henry, suggests a couple months away from the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple to focus, she is thrilled to use the opportunity to reconnect with her best friend, Emmie.

Paige heads to Texas, ready to spend some quality time with Emmie and her baby girl, Olivia. When she arrives, she is shocked to find herself face-to-face with Christian Bennett, the man who broke her heart.

She finds herself confused. Is she truly over her first love? Is she making a mistake marrying Henry? Paige follows her heart, but this may be the most painful decision she ever makes. It leaves her wondering if true love is possible ONLY IN DREAMS.

Ana will put Only in Dreams on her second shelf!

Paige and Christian have a past.  But they’ve been apart for several years now and both have moved on.  Or have they?  To me, this book explores true love and the concept that there’s the perfect person for each of us…we just have to take the risks and, hopefully, reap the rewards.

In reality, this book is about a love triangle.  But, wait…come back!  I know many of you hate triangles and, I must admit, when they’re not done well, they leave you unsatisfied.  But, you need to know that it’s been done a bit differently here. 

In this story, there truly is a struggle.  It’s not about the author putting the “right guy” on a silver platter and having you hate the other character.  This story feels real in many ways and takes you through the emotions that Paige struggles with in this very difficult situation. 

All the characters in this book are very well developed and you can definitely believe that they are friends, lovers and family.  I love Christian for his determination to both battle his past demons and look forward to the future.  I also appreciate his single-minded focus to get what he wants.  Henry has a kind heart and a gentle soul.  His dedication to Paige and her happiness is heartwarming.  Paige is a strong character who doesn’t leap into situations lightly.  And, although she did disappoint me a couple of times with the way she treated her friend, Emmie, I understand it came from the stress she was under and I still admire her tenacity.

The one part of the book that I didn’t enjoy quite as much is something that I absolutely can’t tell you about.  It’s a major twist in the story that, for me, became evident was going to happen early on in the book.  I’ve never been a fan of one character having to suffer for another to win out and I feel like that’s what happened here.  But, you may feel differently…and that’s the beauty of books!!  Give this one a try.  I think you might enjoy it.


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